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!!Win a Signed copy of Ember by Jessica Sorensen!!

Happy Halloween everyone! As promise here is our newest giveaway. Enter below for a chance to win a signed copy of Ember by the one and only (and lovely I may add, lol) Jessica Sorensen!

You have until November 4th to enter to win. I will email the winner at the email address used when you sign in to the rafflecopter. You will have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address or I will have to pick another winner :( I will then send your information to Jessica. She will send the books directly to you.

Don't forget to check out Jessica's other great books!
Ember by Jessica Sorensen
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Rock Star Love- the EPIC list of Rock Star Books

Ashley and I were recently asked what our favorite genre of books is. We can't really give a specific answer on this because I don't think it's really a genre so here is what we said: Well if there was a rock star genre, we would so be all over that...but....(yea, we went a little valley girl on that answer, but that's what rock stars do to us!!)

That question has lead up to this post.

Of course, we haven't read every book on the list, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to try. If you read something before we do, please message and let us know what you think! Or, if you find something that isn't on the list let us know so we can add it!

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Leibster Award



We want to thank Jennifer Martinez from booksnbrownies for nominating us for the Liebster Award. WOW, this is so Awesome!!

To participate:

1.Thank and link back to the nominator
2.Answer questions from award giver
3.Nominate 5 other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers
4.Ask questions for nominee's to answer
5.Post Liebster Award on your blog

Smardy Pants Book Blog Questions:

1. Why did you start Blogging?

We share all of our books with each other and some of our friends and family were always like "what are you reading, make me a list so I can read it too". So we decided that we would create a book blog for them to follow our list and we could discuss these books, since we are all too busy to have a book club and meet to discuss books.

2. If you could meet and interview one author dead or alive who would it be?

This is a tough question since there are so many authors we would LOVE to meet and pick their brains. Since we can only pick one.....

Ashley-Teresa Mummert
Melissa- I can't decide, it's a toss up between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Edgar Allen Poe

3. What is your favorite book genre?

Well if there was a rock star genre, we would so be all over that, but since that is not an option I guess we will go with.....

Ashley- I have so many it's hard to choose. I guess it depends on my mood at the time.
Melissa- Anything Paranormal

4. If you could be any character from a book who would you be?

Ashley-Oh that's easy!! I would be Abby Abernathy from Beautiful Disaster so I could have Travis all to myself..wink wink!!
Melissa- Perry Palomino from Experiment In Terror Series :)

5. How long have you been blogging?

We have been at this for about 3 months. It's so addictive and we LOVE doing it!

We would like to nominate:
Nerd Girls Book Addiction
A Dash of YA
Live Read and Breathe
YA Vixens

Questions for these bloggers:
1. Who are your top 5 book boyfriends?
2. What is your all time favorite book?
3. What made you decide to start blogging and how long have you been at it?
4. What book was the most difficult for you to read? 
5. Out of all the books you have read. What character would you Marry? Who would you be? Who would be your best friend? and Who would be your enemy?

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Playlist

Beautiful Disaster
Here is the playlist that Jamie McGuire put together for my all time favorite book, about my book "boyfriend" Travis Maddox :)

Better Than Me
Thing For You
The Rolling Stones
Can't Get No Satisfaction 
The Doors
Hello, I Love You
The Von Bondies
C'mon, C'mon
Linkin Park
Bleed It Out
Kelly Clarkson
Beautiful Disaster
Bat For Lashes
Siren Song
Talk Show Host
Between The Trees
White Lines & Red Lights
Lady Gaga
Poker Face
Rev Theory
Far From Over
Vermillion Pt.2
Sara Bareiles
Sarah McLachlan
Good Enough

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White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert Playlist

White Trash Beautiful
Just a few of the songs Teresa Mummert has listed as inspiration for White Trash Beautiful. For the full list go check out her blog teresamummert.com

White Trash Beautiful
What It's Like
Johnny Cash
Counting Crows
Round Here
F*!kin Perfect
Just Like A Pill
According To You
Maroon 5
She Will Be Loved
The Way You Look Tonight
Come Away To The Water
No Curtain Call
Wipe Your Eyes
Florence + The Machine
Heavy In Your Arms
Joss Stone
The Chokin Kind
Kelly Clarkson
Because Of You
Beautiful Disaster
Stronger(What Doesn't Kill You)
Katy Perry
Circle The Drain
Wide Awake
My Immortal
3 Doors Down
Here Without You
She Don't Want The World
Melissa Etheridge
Come To My Window
Far Away
Savin Me
Jason Mraz
I Won't Give Up
A Beautiful Mess
Seether & Amy Lee
Beth Hart
Leave The Light On
Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart
I'll Take Care Of You
James Blunt
I Really Want You
Anna Nalik
Breathe (2am)
Mummford & Sons
Little Lion Man
Simple Man
The Only Exception

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (This is my pick)
Face Down

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Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie Playlist

Callum & Harper

Ashley read this one months ago, I am just getting around to it and I HATE myself for waiting so long!! I loved this book so much!! I was in a funk for about a week after finishing the Experiment in Terror series, nothing could seem to get me out of that funk until I read Callum &Harper...ahh, just what I needed.

Here is the playlist for this book. I have to hurry because I am so ready to get back to reading book 2, Thomas & January.

Where is my Mind by The Pixies

Dream On by Aerosmith "It reminds me how fleeting life can be and how those around you can steal you from yourself...if you let them. It reminds me to protect myself".

Higher by Creed (Human Clay Album)   Not gonna lie, I was also one of the sucker teens that bought this album, lol

Girl You Know It's True by Milli Vanilli

Please Don't Go by Barcelona- We can't forget their song!!

Kashmir by Led Zepplin

For the Longest Time by Billy Joel

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by J.S. Bach
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring with Lyrics

I'm on Fire by Stateless

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Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard Playlist

I finally got around to reading Gabriel's Rapture. I was a bit disappointed, I didn't get the same vibe and feeling that I got while reading Gabriel's Inferno. I LOVED Gabriel's Inferno and expected the same reaction to Gabriel's Rapture...hence the disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, it was still a great read. I was happy to find out the rest of Gabriel and Julia's story, just disappointed that it didn't strike me the same as the 1st book. There were however, a lot of great song references in book 2 (some from old Blue Eyes...I swear if I could meet a dead guy, it would be Frank Sinatra!).

Friday, October 26, 2012

What to Read After Beautiful Disaster

After reading Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire did everyone get stuck in a rut as bad as we did? Travis left us in a frenzy, almost in straight panic attack mode. It took us months to get over him....well at least it took me months....I still don't think Ashley is quite over him, lol.

Of course, there will never be another Travis, but a girl can dream can't she? This is a work in progress, and probably the hardest list I have had to make to date....Travis has not been easy getting over, but I think these books will help, they helped me (I can't speak for Ashley, I'm sure she still cries for him every night before going to bed---she is gonna kick my ass for that!).

Slammed by Colleen Hoover- Will, my sweet, sweet Will...Slammed is one of the best books I have ever accidentally purchased. It was probably the best accident I ever made. Will is not a bad boy like Travis, but Travis wasn't just a bad boy either...he had many other qualities and I found myself forgetting about Travis while I stormed through Slammed.

After you read Slammed, I know you will want to move on to book 2, Point of Retreat...if possible I loved it more than Slammed...maybe even more than Travis.

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens- The angst in this book probably surpasses the angst we felt while reading Beautiful Disaster (you think it's impossible? oh, it's possible!). I thought I couldn't sleep after finishing Beautiful Disaster.... I couldn't sleep at ALL while reading Thoughtless....oh and just when I thought it was safe, I started book 2 (Effortless) like and idiot and lost even more sleep!

Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye- This was a very short book. I wanted so much more but was extremely pleased with what I got. I read this one afternoon in about an hour and a half. I know you say that doesn't seem like much reading, but I promise you will not be disappointed with this! Remember how Travis was all bad boy on the outside but then but soft and squishy on the inside? Same thing in this one.

How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo- HOW could I forget to add this!! This book killed me! I mean really killed me!! It's so beautiful and poetic and I'm going along like no she didn't, yes she did....and then bam! Smack hard in the face, heart laying on the floor, not even coherent enough to formulate a sentence! If you don't read any suggestion from my list, read this! It will give you the most bang for your buck, bigger than all of the book above combined! Well....maybe I'm overreacting, but once you read this you will see why.

Fall From Grace by Christine Zolendz- This was actually our very first review...and what a review it was! This book was only $1.50 when I purchased and it was Christine's first book (that I know of...). I did not expect it to be as addicting as it was! You know how it is, we go along being all cheap and not wanting to spend a lot of money and half the time the freebies and cheapies aren't that great, they aren't bad but not great either. This one! Well worth it! It's Travis, meets Kellan (Thoughtless). The singer of a local band keeps chasing a girl that will have nothing to do with him...sound familiar?

Crash by Nicole Williams- Jude Ryder has a past that can put most of our bad boys to shame...and he isn't even 18 yet! He knows he has no future that doesn't include permanent jail time. Lucy, a pretty sweet girl falls for Jude before she knows his past. Once she learns about him she knows he is no good for her, but they can't stay away from each other. It's like a magnet. I can't pin point what it is exactly about this book that will draw you in...maybe it's Jude's good heart despite his bad attitude..

FREEBIES!! 10/26/12

The Demon Of Synar (FORCED TO SERVE) by Donna McDonald

QR Code Killer by Shanna Hatfield

Eye of the Abductor by Elaine Meece

Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood

Promise (Soul Savers) by Kristie Cook

Staverton by Caidan Trubel

Black Moon by C.L. Bevill

Silver Moon (Moon Trilogy Part III)  by C.L. Bevill 

Every Single Beat (Patriot Acts – When The Cost Of Failure Is Freedom) by Mary Eason

Out of Control - A Novella - Prequel to Stolen Hearts Series, Revised Edition by Kate Kelly

Breathless: Book One of the Jason and Azazel Trilogy by V.J. Chambers

The Fey (Alex the Fey thriller series) by Claudie Christian

Murder on the High Seas (The Practical Caregiver Capers) by Sara Barton

Winter's Daughter  by Kathleen Creighton

Just One Taste (The V V Inn, Free Short + Half of Book 1)  by C.J. Ellison- VAMPIRES!

Taming the Wolf (The Anna Avery Series - Book 1) by Stephanie Nelson- Weres!

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- One of my favorite classics! Always Free :)

Enemies and Playmates by Darcia Halle- This looks good!!

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Fallen Angels Series by J.R. Ward Reading Order

This is on my TBR list. After loving the Black Dagger Brotherhood as much as I did, I can't see where I can go wrong with this series:  Seven deadly sins. Seven souls to save. This is the first battle between a savior who doesn’t believe and a demon with nothing to lose!

Between The Lines Series by Tammara Webber Reading Order

We have not read this series yet, but have heard great things about it! We do love Tammara Webber so we really need to read this!

About book #1:
When Hollywood It Boy, Reid Alexander, arrives on location, his intentions are simple: film another blockbuster hit while enjoying his celebrity status to the fullest. His costar is a virtual unknown with whom he has blazing hot chemistry, and the universe is lining up nicely to grant whatever he wants - until he’s confronted with a bitter ex-girlfriend and a rival for the first girl to spark his genuine interest in years.
Emma Pierce just got her big break after more than a decade of filming commercials for grape juice, department stores and tampons, and bit parts in made-for-TV movies. Nailing the lead role in a wide-release film should send her into raptures. But Emma is experiencing a building desire to be normal, and starring in a silly, modernized adaptation of one of her favorite novels–opposite the very hot Reid Alexander–isn’t going to advance that aspiration. 
Indie actor Graham Douglas isn’t overly picky when it comes to film roles. If it pays, he’ll do it. Besides, his friend Brooke Cameron snatched up the role of the bitchy hot girl and could use his help as a buffer, because her ex is the star. Graham has no problem keeping a handle on the situation, until he finds himself attracted to Reid’s costar, Emma, the girl Reid is pursuing full-throttle with his standard arsenal of charm, good looks and arrogance.

Honor Series by Teresa Mummert Reading Order

This is an erotic love story with much sexual tension; BDSM. I really felt like this series was Gabriel's Inferno meets Fifty Shades of Grey, I just loved it! You also get to see both sides of the story with this series, her POV is in one book and his POV is in another and you don't have to wait until the end of the series to get the other side of the story, each book follows along with one another, LOVED IT!

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Crash Series by Nicole Williams Reading Order

We just found out this weekend that there will be a a 3rd book in the Crash series...with that good news the reading order MUST be put up.... because we all need a little more Jude in our life, right?

  • Crash
  • Clash
  • Crush- The third book is entitled CRUSH and will be coming soon to your e-readers and bookstores everywhere. This story is going to pick up where CLASH left off and is going to be even steamier and the stakes are going to be higher than ever. To everyone who begged and pleaded with me to write another chapter in Jude and Lucy's story, you got your wish!

More good news from Nicole's recent blog post:

Well, HarperCollins has picked up the series and and will be releasing both CRASH and CLASH in paperback on December 18th! That's right, you'll be able to head to your local bookstore and pick up a paperback'd Jude Ryder in two months time. Excuse me one second while I go scream . . .


and......check out the shiny new covers (Per Nicole Williams, of course, lol)

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Heller by JD Nixon Reading Order

I was pretty hooked on Heller a few weeks ago. This series is funny, witty and has a bad boy (RICH bad boy) that owns a security company. Heller is sure to make you swoon and you will keep coming back for more. PLUS, the 1st book is FREE!! or, at least it was when I made this post.

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Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour) by Olivia Cunning

I have so much love for this book! I can't believe it has taken me this long to write the review. I'm getting myself read for the release of Double Time (Sinners on Tour #3) (YAY!!).....so I tell myself  "why not go ahead and do the reviews for books 1 and 2 and make a reading order guide...." and that's exactly what I'm doing, lol.


This book was a lot of fun! It was steamy, angsty, even romantic...I fell for it big time! My husband is a musician and it just made me want to eat him up the way Myrna eats up Master Sinclair. It probably messed with his head a bit, lol I mean, when I read this I had just gotten off the Fifty kick and then I was on to some hot and heavy rock star book...I'm sure my husband thanks E.L. James and Olivia Cunning for that week (blushing big time over that, lol).

Book 1 is so far my favorite of this series, I don't know what it is about Brian Sinclair, but man, oh man, if you haven't read it yet I know you will fall hard for him just like I did. I think it has to do with the fact that when Myrna meets him he is drunk and heartbroken. He can't seem to keep his women away from The Sinner's lead vocalist, Sed. Not to mention that he falls in love super easy.


Myrna, a sex therapist (or is it professor, I'm thinking professor...it's been a few months, forgive me!) bumps into Brian at the right time. He is drunk and heartbroken and Myra knows just how to cure his heartache...The band constantly warns Myrna that Brian is sensitive and whatever she does DO NOT HURT HIM! She continues to think that they are just having fun, when Brian keeps seeing it another way...WHY, can't she just listen to the band!! Brian is easily heartbroken! He thinks every woman he is with is the one for him. Oh, I just wanted to punch her in the face!!

He wanted something real, not the fantasy. She could see it in his soft, brown eyes as he gazed at her. She was sorry to disappoint him, but she was all about that fantasy. He’d just have to find a way to cope when her few hours in fantasyland came to an end.

Myrna plays with his heart BIG TIME. Each time she finds a way out of his life, it's like all she can do is want to be back in it (make up your damn mind!). She keeps insisting that all they are doing is having a Good time....but her actions speak differently than her words.

Although I hated Myrna, I felt pretty bad for her too. Her ex was a major dick! He convinced her she was a stupid whore just because she was sexually adventurous. So between the demons they both have, you are in for some serious turmoil.

Aside from the whiplash back and forth with Myrna and Brian, I really came to love this book. It has some crazy, mega blushing, steamy scenes and let's not forget Brian is a member of a touring rock band so you KNOW that added some entertainment to the book. Overall, great read! Book 2, good read...I can't wait for book 3!

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Win a signed copy of Slammed and Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

Guess what!! We are having an awesome giveaway!! Why, you ask?? We are celebrating the AWESOME Colleen Hoover's good news that the film rights are being optioned for Slammed!!

Slammed and Point of Retreat are also on sale in the e-book format for $3.99!! That is a STEAL!

You have until October 30th to enter to win a signed copy of Slammed AND Point of Retreat. I will email the winner at the email address used when you sign in to the rafflecopter. You will have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address or I will have to pick another winner :( I will then send your information to Colleen. She will send the books directly to you. This is open in the US and Internationally. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Dex Files (Experiement in Terror 5.7) by Karina Halle Playlist

I finished the Dex Files!!! I'm not doing a review for it, I think everyone should just read it! Basically is it the EIT books 1-5 from Dex's POV plus a little after book 5.

So in The Dex Files we get a few repeat songs from the previous books, but we also get a few others that are straight from the mind of Dex. Some of the artists were just mentions, so I will have to pick my favorite songs to go along with it.

Dig Up Her Bones
American Psycho

Pink Floyd
Another Brick in the Wall
Wish You Were Here

My Name is Mud
Jerry was a Race Car Driver

Dire Straights
Walk of Life
So Far Away


Sir Elton John
Crocodile Rock

Billy Joel
She's Always a Woman

Every Rose has it's Thorn
Nothin' but a Good Time

Faith No More

Angel of Death

At the end of The Dex Files, Karina Halle points out that each chapter is named after a song, here they are:

Mr. Bungle
After School Special

Rob Zombie
Spookshow Baby

Nine Inch Nails
Even Deeper
Mr. Self Destruct

Big Dumb Sex

Massive Attack
Butterfly Caught

Billy Joel
She's Got a Way

Faith No More
Digging the Grave

Dillinger Escape Plan
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

The Beatles
Maxwell Silver Hammer

Demon Cleaner

Note from the author: Actually, just play Nine Inch Nails, all albums, on shuffle, THAT is Dex's mind.

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Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning Reading Order

I have gone on a buying spree today and purchased a butt load of books. I finally got Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2), since I will be reading it this week and doing the review, it's time for the reading order.

This series is HOT! Steamy and hot!  Regular girls and famous rock stars... we get to experience the tour, groupies, emotional angst and heartbreak....

  • Welcome to the Family (free short story – 2 years before Backstage Pass)
  • Backstage Pass – Book#1 (Sinners on Tour)
  • Sinners Trick, Sinners Treat (free short Halloween story)
  • Rock Hard – Book #2 (Sinners on Tour)
  • Wabbit Trouble (free short Easter story)
  • Double Time: Sinners On Tour (The Sinners on Tour) (Trey’s book, expected release date: November 1, 2012)
  • Hot Ticket (The Sinners on Tour) - expected release date Feb 5th 2013
  • Snared (Eric’s book expected release date Fall 2013)
  • Lying Season (Experiment in Terror #4) by Karina Halle Playlist

    Lying Season (Experiment in Terror #4) by Karina Halle Playlist

    My favorite line from this book!
    The minute he admitted his love for Rascal Flatts, I knew we would never be (I can't even bring myself to add a Rascal Flatts song to this list, so if you want to hear them you will have to look it up, lol)

    A few of the bands were just mentions, but no song in particular, so I will  have to post my favorite song to go along J

    The Crooked Vultures
    The Beatles Album Abbey Road (A few awkward moments in the car with Dex, Perry and Jenn while listening to this album)
    Led Zeppelin
    Stairway to Heaven
    The Seattle Sound

    Rusty Cage
    Fell on Balck Days
    LCD Soundsystem
    North American Scum
    Lady Gaga
    Poker Face 
    Bad Romance

    As Dex and Perry are dancing in the living room Perry thinks:
    It was moments like this I wish we had some theme song

    Beastie Boys
    Sure Shot
    Justin Timberlake
    Sexy Back
    Pretty Noose (song Perry sings)
    Burt Bacharach
    This Guy’s in Love with You (song Dex sings)
    This Guy's in Love with You (Cover....is it Dex?? lol)

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