Friday, October 19, 2012

On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror #5) by Karina Halle

I DO NOT EVEN WANT TO WRITE THIS REVIEW!!! (Whew, I feel a little better now that I got that out).

This is the last full book I have to read on EIT until Into the Hollow is released on November 6th. I did just finish Old Blood, which is Pippa’s story…but it’s just not the same!! I need some more Dex in my life….at least I have The Dex Files to look forward too J I will be reading that as soon and I finish this review…so let me hurry, lol

Sooooo, remember how bad off book 4 left us? And the immediate feeling that you had to start book 5 right away to make the pain go away??? Well guess what, just because you start book 5 doesn’t mean jack! The pain is still so intense I wanted to skip to the end because I didn’t feel I could take it…but I didn’t, I took it like a man and waited it out (and that was not easy to do!).

Remember at the end of book 4 when Perry told Dex she quit? Well she really meant it and when I mean quit, she quit everything! Shownext, Rebecca, Dex….anything dealing with Dex she was over and done with.

To put it mildly, December had been a hell of a fucking month. I was in a very black place one I feared I would never crawl out of. But I did eventually crawl out of that hole, dragging myself out of the depression by my fingernails. My younger sister Ada helped; she was a great shoulder to cry on. And by cry, I mean slobber. I was an ugly, hysterical mess more often than not. I never knew that kind of agony before.

But don’t think Dex didn’t try to weasel his way back into her life, but Perry is a BEAST! And didn’t let it happen (I don’t think I could have been so strong)

I got calls from him right after he twisted that pin in my heart, a million voicemails that I deleted (before I smashed my phone in a fit of rage). I got a new number, changed my email and totally withdrew form the little life I had attempted, which meant no contact with Jimmy, Rebecca or anyone at the Shownet office. Nothing against them – personally – but it was just too hard. I needed to move on.

So now that Perry is in such an emotional state she is more susceptible to things. Perry is haunted and nothing seems normal anymore. Her parents and her co-workers think she is losing it (oh, forgot to mention she got a new job).

Who helps take care of her in this time of need? Ada and …..MAXIMUS! Yes, freaking Maximus is back (I know some people like him, but I just don’t! I have always had this feeling about him since Red Fox)

But, Maximus believes her when she says she is being haunted and no one else does. He is there for her in her time of need…and really (well kinda) takes care of her

… the last thing I needed was to get embroiled with another man, especially this man. As charming and gentleman as Maximus was, he was still so tightly woven into the story of me and Dex that I didn’t see how any f this could be a good idea.

Anyone else notice what is missing in this review? DEX! I mean how can we not notice he is missing. This book was really hard for me to get through because I just wanted him to be in it so badly….

4 stars (could be 4.5, but I really missed Dex way too much)

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