Monday, October 15, 2012

Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley Reading Order

So...... obviously we are HUGE Kristen Ashley fans! A few weeks back we did a week dedicated to the one and only Kristen Ashley herself. That being said, it's only fair that we start putting up the reading orders for her many, many series.
Kristen Ashley also posted this on her Facebook a few months back: 
“Just want to announce now that the book is out that I’ve decided to add two more books to this series (eventually). Deke Hightower and Jacob Decker will get their stories told in the Colorado Mountains. More Mountain Man Goodness coming your way!
“It was about Driver’s very few words, his actions, his decisions and what was going on behind his eyes, not his facial expressions, his eyes that drew you in and made you cheer him on. I found it remarkable.”
SOOOO YAY!!! We have more to look forward to for this series! We can hardly wait!
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