Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breaking Sin by Teresa Mummert

Okay, so I have been on a Teresa Mummert reading binge this week. I just can't help myself, her books are just so addicting!! I didn't put any of her books down until I read the last page, so this means that I was up until 2-3am reading. So I am currently hyped up on caffeine and awaiting the crash lol. This is the first book in her new Sin Series (Squeeee) and I can't wait for the second one!!!

Sinthia is a college student just trying to make good grades, keep her head down, stay out of trouble and graduate so she can start her life. She has her dreams all planned out, great guy, great job, nice house with a white picket fence and children. So when her best friend Taylor (a.k.a party animal, wild child) calls to go party, she tries her best to ignore her because she can never say no to Taylor. After begging and begging, Sinthia finally agrees to go out for ONE drink only, she doesn't even try and dress up she wants to get it over with.
Once they get to the bar and have that one drink, Taylor refuses to leave and drags Sin to the dance floor where she notices Collin, the resident college bad boy starring at her. His eyes are glued to her all night, so when she is shoved from behind by two guys fighting he comes to her rescue with fists swinging. They end up drinking beer and playing pool, and ending the night at his place playing video games. Just as the sun is starting to come up they decide to go to bed, sleeping in the same bed as JUST FRIENDS!!! It's obvious that Collin has a thing for her, but she knows he is a bad boy and doesn't fit in to her happily ever after dream. As time passes they become close and start going out every night, she even bring Taylor along to hangout with them and his roommates. She becomes everyones wing man, finding them (everyone but her) "dates" for the night, but after a while she can't seem to do it anymore, she starts developing feelings for Collin.
Sin has had enough with finding women for him, he has a different one every night. She finally realizes that she wants to be the one he chooses but is scared that she will mess up their friendship if she crosses that line. She could put herself out their and he could shoot her down then what would happen, she would lose him forever or he could continue with his bad boy lifestyle and she wants more than a one night stand.
What will happen???? I know you are dying to find out so get the book!!!! I am so excited for the second book, Comminting Sin to be released...EEEEKKKK!!!!

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