Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down To You by M. Leighton

I'm not even going to lie, this book left me panting and mopping all my drool up off the floor..ok, so maybe not quite that extreme but boy it was close!! I mean, this book is the reason I'm falling asleep at work because I stayed up until 4am this morning reading...I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!!!

Olivia meets this sexy, hot as hell bar owner that practically has her drooling all over herself while she is out with the girls. She embarrasses herself by pulling half of his clothes off thinking he is the stripper they hired for her friend. She is mortified and can't get away fast enough only to wake up the next morning to find him in her kitchen..with her cousin...WAIT..WHAT!! Yes i said with her cousin. She is furious and confronts him about letting her take half of his clothes off just the night before. He informs her that he doesn't know her, that he has a TWIN and that she must have undressed his twin Cash and not him, Nash.


Cash is everything Olivia has always been attracted to, he is a bad bay, sexy as hell and she knows he will break her heart, but she can't seem to walk away from him. He offers to have a just sex relationship with her that she can end whenever she wants and he will walk away. Nash is everything she knows she needs, he looks just like his twin so he is sexy as hell, but he is smart and dependable, he is an intern at her uncles major law firm and has a bright future ahead of him. She knows he is relationship material, but he is taken, by her self absorbed, snotty cousin. Both men wants her, she wants both men. Her heart and her head are telling her two different things, which one will she choose?

Twins, Cash/Nash

Please read this book, I promise this will be your new favorite book and M. Leighton will become your new favorite author. It is that AMAZING!! I mean, TWINS. That's double the hotness ;)

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