Monday, October 22, 2012

The Dex Files (Experiement in Terror 5.7) by Karina Halle Playlist

I finished the Dex Files!!! I'm not doing a review for it, I think everyone should just read it! Basically is it the EIT books 1-5 from Dex's POV plus a little after book 5.

So in The Dex Files we get a few repeat songs from the previous books, but we also get a few others that are straight from the mind of Dex. Some of the artists were just mentions, so I will have to pick my favorite songs to go along with it.

Dig Up Her Bones
American Psycho

Pink Floyd
Another Brick in the Wall
Wish You Were Here

My Name is Mud
Jerry was a Race Car Driver

Dire Straights
Walk of Life
So Far Away


Sir Elton John
Crocodile Rock

Billy Joel
She's Always a Woman

Every Rose has it's Thorn
Nothin' but a Good Time

Faith No More

Angel of Death

At the end of The Dex Files, Karina Halle points out that each chapter is named after a song, here they are:

Mr. Bungle
After School Special

Rob Zombie
Spookshow Baby

Nine Inch Nails
Even Deeper
Mr. Self Destruct

Big Dumb Sex

Massive Attack
Butterfly Caught

Billy Joel
She's Got a Way

Faith No More
Digging the Grave

Dillinger Escape Plan
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

The Beatles
Maxwell Silver Hammer

Demon Cleaner

Note from the author: Actually, just play Nine Inch Nails, all albums, on shuffle, THAT is Dex's mind.

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