Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Devoured by Emily Snow

HOT, STEAMY, SEXY, YUMMY AND OMG, A ROCKSTAR!!! This is the first book in the Devoured Series and I can't wait for the next book, it left me wanting so much MORE!!! There's no cliffhanger ending but it does leave some things unanswered and I'm dying to know about them.
Sienna Jensen left her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee behind to follow her dreams of working in the fashion world in California. She has no plans of returning home until she finds out that her grandmother's home, the home that she herself was raised in, has been foreclosed on and her grandmother is being evicted. Returning home to help, she comes face to face with the delicious rockstar, Lucas Wolfe, the man she almost spent a hot and steamy night with two years ago before he sent her packing. The same man who now has the deed to her grandmother's home.
Lucas recognizes Sienna the minute he sees her and there is just as much chemistry between them as there was two years ago and he wants her just as much as he did then, but Sienna is having nothing to do with him. He is cocky and arrogant and she refuses to let him get to her. Lucas decides that he has to have her, to finish what they started that night and makes a deal with her: If she spends 10 days with him as his assistant, doing as he says, playing by his rules, then he will hand over the deed to her grandmother's house. Sienna flat out refuses at first, she doesn't want to give into him after what he did to her that night, but she will do anything to help the woman that raised her so she finally agrees. Can Sienna resist him once they are alone together? What will she do once she is introduced into his erotic lifestyle?

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