Friday, October 5, 2012

Honor Student and Honor Thy Teacher (Honor Series 1 & 2) by Teresa Mummert

Steamy, Sexy, HOT, YUMMY! ok you get the point!! These books are Fifty Shades meets Gabriel's Inferno plus so much more (I mean really...soooo much more!). I read books 1 and 2 in the same day! I just couldn't put them down! Teresa Mummert is full of surprises in all of her books.

The first book, Honor Student is Emma's point of view. She just turned 21 and is living with her aunt while attending college. She is a loner, has no friends and is fine with that, she just wants to finish school and move as far away as she can. All that changes when she meets Mr. Honor, her new history teacher. He is the sexiest man she has ever seen and there is just something about him she can't resist. She finally opens herself up a little bit and makes a few friends. Life at home is hard, she is all alone and it's kind of nice to be around people.
The second book, Honor Thy Teacher, is Will's point of view. He has had a difficult life and has a lot of secrets from his past. He is finally back to doing something he loves, teaching. His first day at the college he meets Emma, from the moment he seen her, he knew there was something about her, something he had to have. He knows it's wrong, he knows that she is too innocent to be a part of his world, not to mention she is his student, but he can't stay away. Emma is drawn to him like a moth to a flame and doesn't shy away from his advances. He pulls her to him one minute just to push her away the next, his indecisiveness is giving her whiplash. He lets her in enough to know that he has been hurt in the past and it's hard for him to trust people. He also has a "kinky" lifestyle and has to be in control about all aspects of his life.

This set of books will leave you dying for more! If you are like me I know you will HAVE to go straight to the 3rd book Honor & Obey. 

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