Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lying Season (Experiment in Terror #4) by Karina Halle

Uhhgggg!!! My heart hurts sooo bad right now! I mean, really, really hurts almost to the point that I can’t breath!! Book 4 was going along so well, it was wonderful and I was just like yes! Something is finally going to happen….man, man, man…I can’t say anything, just that I was hurting pretty bad after I finished book 4 and I’m still hurting. I had to immediately start book 5 and have read about 20% and it still isn’t any better!! Why do I do this to myself!!?? I should just stick to nursery rhymes and kiddie books; I don’t have to worry about them playing with my emotions!!

Late night text with Ashley:

Me:Oh man, my heart, my heart. EIT is killing me!!
Ashley: oh no!!! just breathe hee hee whooo hee hee whoo.
Me: lol, man I can't wait for you to read it!!!
Me: Oh man, it hurts so bad!! I mean, almost Kellan bad!!
Ashley: OMG Paul Hudson bad?
Me: Oh no, I don't think anything can ever be that bad, lol
Ashley: lol, what book are you on?
Me: I just finished 4 and I'm, going straight to 5. No break in between, I may die from heartache if I take a break, lol.
Ashley: oh Lord!!

So was a pretty intense night for me, lol.

Perry and Dex have a project in Seattle to film, and since they also have the Shownet Christmas party  to attend Dex invites her to stay with him and Jenn….all well….kinda a yay moment because of Dex but then we remember that Jenn will be there too…..ewww ….so we have lovey dovie Dex and Jenn all in our face!!

Jenn let out a cry of flirty disgust and slapped Dex on his ass. He jumped a bit, pretending it hurt, and grinned at her. A grin I used to think was reserved solely for me.
OK. This was hell. I know what I had imagined earlier but now that I was actually seeing it, it was causing narrowing of the yes. It wasn’t jealousy so much (OK, it was), it was that feeling that Dex knew how I felt about him and yet, here they were… it was uncomfortable to say the least.

This book was by far my favorite of the series. It seems almost too real, and too relatable. All of the situations our characters are faced with are definitely possible in real life….especially Perry having to choke it up and just deal with Dex and Jenn….(man I still hate Jenn!!).

And the tension in the apartment! Dex and Jenn moved into a new apartment and got a dog together…as freaking dog!! I mean really!! So here poor Perry is stuck for a week with perfect Jenn and a warning from her uncle that she is setting herself up for heartache. She promises herself she will make it out of Seattle without shedding a single tear. I’m thinking Dex is getting a little lost being stuck with Perry and Jenn at the same time and he doesn’t know what to do….well in the beginning….

Anyway, I really can’t talk anymore about this…I HAVE to get back to book 5 and find out what in the HELL is going on!!

This may be considered more of a paranormal series than a romance series, but with the tension and the love I have for Dex, I don’t care what anyone says…I’m smushing them together and it’s gonna be a paranormal romance, so there!

5 stars all the way

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