Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bound by the Vampire: A Paranormal Romance Novella (Blood and Absinthe, Book 2) by Chloe Hart

So, you know how fast our boys in Black Dagger Brotherhood and The Rock Chick series move? Well, the guys in this series move just as fast! I am loving Chloe Hart right now, I have read 2 of her novella’s today! I am ready to move on to the 3rd!
Remember Celia from the 1st book? Well Bound by the Vampire is her story. Someone is trying to kill her. What do you do when someone is trying to kill you? You go to a kick ass vampire and ask for his help!
Celia decides that she is going to ask Jack’s (from book 1) friend Evan for help. She doesn’t know him, but Jack is in Canada with Liz and Celia doesn’t have time to wait for them to come home. Someone has already tried to shoot her with a poisoned arrow.  She shows up at Evan’s office and is a bit intimidated being in what seems like a club that is made for sex. She can’t seem to get her story together and quickly bores Evan
“I’m not… I mean…I’m only 1/8 blood Fae. I’m more human than Faery.” He shrugged impatiently. “Look, sweetheart---I don’t really give a shit what you are. You’ve got about 5 seconds to tell me why you’re here. After that I’m going to get a lot less polite.”  (Uhggg!! What a jerk!)
We can already tell that Evan is going to turn out to be a jerk, but aren’t those our favorite book guys! The jerks that we know will end up being sweet and demanding all at the same time…Stop being a jerk Evan! Celia needs your protection and she is willing to pay for it, but what do you do instead of help her?
“I doubt you can afford me sweetheart.”
He sat back in his chair. “Anything on the table besides money?”
You insult her by asking to drink her blood instead! JERK!
Feeling that Evan has made a big joke out of her, Celia leaves. As she is leaving he stops her… (Can it be? Is she getting the best of him with her innocent ways?)….he stops her only to give her useless advice of backing down from her research (this is why someone wants to kill her).
As she leaves he realizes he can’t keep himself from going after her. What is wrong with him? Evan Grant cares for himself only. Even through his self absorbed tendencies he decides to follow her, and lucky he did because the hit man sent to kill her is following too.
I'm gonna skip all the fighting details--one of my favorite lines of the book come after the fight
The worst thing about the numbness in his body was that he couldn't feel her against him (awww!!!!).
I hope I have given you enough to make you get this book. It is wonderfully bargained priced at only .99 and it is a killer read! You have to read on to find out what Evan and Celia go through together. There is so much more to the story than just him saving her from a crazy hit man. YOU HAVE TO READ IT NOW J

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