Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Give and Take Series by Kelli Maine Reading Order

This series (well, what we have read of it so far)! It was so different than anything we have read before it. I mean really...can you fall in love with someone that kidnaps you? Even if they do look like  Joe Manganiello (Ha! Had to throw that in there for Ashley and Kelli)?

What to expect in Given- Will Rachael and Merrick be together? Well, Merrick has done some stupid things, and Rachael's been pretty forgiving. Right now she's still pretty upset. And where is Merrick anyway? That frustrating

Message from Kelli: Thanks!! Since the series got picked up by a publisher, Taken will be out in paperback before the end of the year, and Taken By Storm will be pushed back to early 2013. I'll update my blog with official release dates when I get them!

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