Monday, August 20, 2012

Taken by Kelli Maine

All I can say is WOW!! I started this book yesterday and didn't put it down until I was finished. It had me captivated from the first sentence until the last word!!! I was right there with the characters through every emotion, every up and down and believe me there were many ups and downs. Ahhhh, I just loved it!!!

Rachel Desalvo has recently lost her father to cancer and her mother is very distraught over the loss, so much so that she can't let Rachel go. Rachel is forced to turn down her dream job with Rocha Enterprises at a dream location to renovate a historic hotel because of her mother. Rachel has always taken care of everyone else in her life, her father, mother, and best friend Shannon, and always puts herself last.

Merrick Rocha was captivated by Rachel in just one video chat during her job interview. Once she turned him down he decided he would stop at nothing to have her, she is the BEST candidate for the job. After watching Rachel for three months he is desperate to have her, not only as project manager for the renovation, but for himself also.

One night while Rachel is out dancing, a man approaches her and asked to buy her a drink, next thing she knows she is waking up tied to a bed in a strange place and the mysterious man from the club is there with her. She realizes that she was drugged and this man is no stranger, he is Merrick Rocha, CEO of Rocha Enterprises.
"I don't even know you. Were you stalking me?"
You grin like I'm a little girl asking a silly question. "I offered you a job. You couldn't take it. Your life wasn't your own. Now it can be."
Your voice. Your face. That's it - I know you. "We video chatted. You're...." I shake my head in disbelief. You can't be the clean-shaven man in the business suit I spoke to. "Merrick Rocha, CEO, Rocha Enterprises."
You smooth the crease between my eyebrows and laugh at my shock. "You made a lasting impression on me, Rachel, and I don't like to be turned down. I need to find out why you didn't come work for me."
How can a respected, beautiful man be entirely crazy? "So you kidnap me?" You flinch at my words. "I'm detaining you until you choose to be here."
Merrick has to make Rachel realize that she wants to be there to head up this job of renovating the hotel and to be a part of his life, but can Rachel get over the fact that he took her control away from her when he kidnapped her. She wants to be with him so bad but she just can't bring herself to let go of what he's done.

Merrick has his own demons from the past that he has to overcome while proving himself to Rachel and show her that this is what she needs and wants. Can they overcome everything together or is this just too much for Rachel......

Kelli Maine has also released a follow up to Taken, called No Take Backs. It's a short Novella that sums up Taken and leads you into the next book Given (release date 2013).

Of course I read this. I just had to know what was to come and I can honestly say...I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Joe Manganiello is my Merrick Rocha


  1. Ahhh!! Lol, you think everyone looks like Joe Manganiello. I picture Merrick as a mash up of Javier Bardem, Joe Nichols, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (yes, I am blogging from work, don't judge me! I am happily addicted to blogging!)

  2. Girl you know Joe Manganiello is my dream man lol but Jeffery Dean Morgan would make a good Merrick :) I didn't even think about him, you know I have Joe Vision haha

  3. Thanks for the great review, Ashley!! I appreciate it! And Joe is my Merrick, too! ;) Did you check out the dedication?