Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

There are not many things in this world that can cause me to have a sleepless night. My husband says I fall asleep harder and faster than anyone he has ever know. We can get in the bed, he runs to the bathroom and I am knocked out cold by the time he comes back. While reading Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens (for some reason amazon won't pull the book, so I can't link it! Sorry!!) and the second book of the series Effortless, I had MANY sleepless nights which left me a not so happy Melissa in the morning. I would read until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, put my kindle up and attempt sleep which failed me. I would toss and turn, get pains in my arm (how weird, right?) and eventually have to get my kindle back out and read a little more to sooth my need to know of what was happening with Kiera, Kellan, Denny and the D-Bags.

Okay, here goes, I'm going to try and do a quick synopsis without giving too much away. Seriously, this is a MUST read, no matter what I say on here about the book, no matter how bad I say the emotional roller coaster was, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!

Kiera and her boyfriend Denny move across the country for his internship with the company he hopes to one day work for. She is required to transfer to a new college, but would do anything to follow him anywhere, he is her first true love. They move to Seattle (if I could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?? Seattle!! Yea, I'm that much of a loser) and live with one of Denny's best friends Kellan Kyle (my #1 book boyfriend of all time!! Seriously, I red heart him more than Travis from Beautiful Disaster and Christian from Fifty Shades of Grey put together!). Kellan is a super hot, bad boy rock star lead singer of the D-Bags (short for Douche Bags, hehe).

After only being in Seattle for a few weeks Denny is asked by the company to go to Arizona for a few months, to work on a project. It’s the chance of lifetime, but the news breaks Kiera’s heart. But hey, it's only for 2 months, they can make it through this.....right?

So Kiera is left alone with no family, in a new town, getting ready to start a new school, not to mention she has no friends, only her new roomie Kellan. Kellan innocently helps to keep Kiera company. He hangs out with her, gives her a shoulder to cry on when Denny's calls become few and far between and even goes with her to her orientation and shows her around the campus. Then Denny calls Kiera with exciting news, he has been asked by his company to take a permanent position and move to Arizona. What does Kiera do? She freaks out! She has already moved across the country for him to start a new life, and now he wants her to start over again. No! She is not having this, she barely had the funds to start college in Seattle, there is no way she is changing her life again for someone who already left her for his career. She is pissed, he goes berserk, and who is there to pick up the pieces when she #1 book boyfriend!! The day after Denny calls, Kiera wakes up to him in the room with her.....wait how did that happen, I thought he was staying in AZ (and so did she...)  

Okay, so I should probably stop. I am getting a little carried away. I don't want to give the story away, just know this YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!! It will become an emotional roller coaster, I'm talking such an emotional roller coaster it will blow your face back and leave it like that for a few days. I'm sure you will have many sleepless nights as well as want to jump into the book and literally KILL KIERA!! Just do me one favor, don't be a wimp like I was and have to flip to the end of the book to know what is going to happen, it kills all of the fun. But seriously, this book is that intense. I didn't think I could go on with my life without flipping to the end (yea, it's that intense lol).

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