Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee was a freebie I picked up a few months ago. I started reading it yesterday and couldn't put it down! This was a GREAT find! The book takes place in 1946. Once I saw that I wasn't sure I wanted to continue reading, I didn't think I could relate to characters from this time period...I am SOOOOOO glad I did! I would have hated myself if I missed this book!

Sarah, a grieving widow that lost her husband to the war goes to the travelling carnival with her friends. While at the carnival they decide to check out the freak show (I have always wanted to go to a freak show, but after reading this I don't want to any more, it breaks my heart!) Tom is tattooed from head to toe (literally) and is the tattooed man in the freak show. Sarah sees him and oddly feels more alive from the lust than she has since she lost her husband. Why would she feel this way about a stranger....

Sarah wakes up the next day to find Tom in her barn. He has escaped the carnival to come to Sarah. She asks how he knew to come to her and he says because he dreamed of her...(wait, like a vision? Yep! That's right! Our historic romance has a bit of paranormal to it too!) The carny owner comes looking for Tom. He feels that he is his personal property and belongs to the freak show. When he comes to Sarah's farm looking for him, she lies about knowing where he is (squeee!! Why would she do that??) Sarah becomes close with Tom. She enjoys his company and wants nothing more than for him to be accepted into her small community.

This is a MUST read about the most sensitive man with tattoos I have ever read about and actually enjoyed hehe. The story grabs the reader in every way. You will feel the emotions as the characters feel them and grow to love them. Imagine, a man tattooed from head to toe in 1946 knowing that he will never be accepted in society all the while our heroine wanting nothing more than for him to stay with her and convince the towns people he belongs.

I think I may be on a Bonnie Dee kick now. This is the 1st book I have read by her and I am in LOVE! I can't wait to read more from Bonnie Dee.

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