Friday, August 17, 2012

The Many Faces of Kellan Kyle

So, how do picture Kellan Kyle? Me personally, I see him as Jared Leto (during the My So Called Life days).
But I can also see him as this Jared Leto, maybe just a little longer hair (I loves my men with long hair!!)

Jared Leto is hot, just not smoking Kellan hot. When I think about Kellan I see drop your jaw when he enters the room I put the Kellan personality with Jared Leto's looks that gives me the smoking hot, drop your jaw Kellan I am looking for.

While on my Kellan look a like search I ran across a few other guys that would probably make another reader a great version of Kellan. If not, just enjoy the hotness and find your own Kellan lol.

Imagine Johnny a few years younger and I think we have a great candidate for Kellan!

I have no idea who this is, just a random picture I found. They would make an excellent Kiera and Kellan, don't ya think?

WHEW!! Is all I'm gonna say. I don't know that I see him as even a bit of my Kellan, but I do know that I found him on the search for Kellan and he was too hot to not share!

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