Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

I told Ashley today, "We have GOT to get some paranormal book reviewed or we will have to take the 'all things paranormal' off". So here goes!! The first paranormal review goes tooooo (drum roll....) THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD!!!!

One of the BEST vampire series of all time!! If you got into Twilight before the movies, and enjoy reading (and watching hehe) True Blood, then you will LOVE The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. So far there are 10 books in the series, along with An Insider Guide and a short story e-book. The 11th book is expected to be released March 26th, 2013. Each book is filled with lust, love, thrill, fighting, heartache, adventure...etc there are so many emotions and thrills, it's hard to get them all, lol.

Skilled vampire warriors protect the human race from a group of not so human men. Each book is about a different brother and takes you through their struggles. Each brother has a different struggle and you will learn to love each of them for different reasons. My favorite is Vishous--Ashley loves Zsadist. I love hearing about what everyone thinks of the brothers. After you read the series make a comment and let us know who your favorite is. I guarantee you will have a super hard time deciding.

Reviews of each book to follow after this introduction to the series that literally rocked my world for 2 weeks straight.

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  1. Squeeee!!! I LOVE this series. To me it's better than Twilight and True Blood put together. I hope everyone will read this series, I promise you won't be able to put it down!