Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Book #1 of the best vampire series of all time!

Dark Lover introduces us to the vampire world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. We learn of the transitioning process to becoming a vampire (not your typical vampire transition, you pretty much have to be born into the vampire world), we learn a little about each of the "brothers" and their job to protect the human race.

In Dark Lover we learn the story of Wrath (the Blind King) and Beth (my favorite female from the entire series...a journalist, who is the daughter to one of the brothers that has recently been murdered).  Wrath has promised to protect Beth and help her through the transition she will recently have that she has no idea about. Beth's cop friend Butch, has also taken to protecting Beth on his own will (probably because he is in love with her! I mean she is drop dead gorgeous and sweet, so who wouldn't be?)

Not sure who this is, but she is my Beth. He is not my Wrath, he is too clean lol

Peter Steele is my Wrath

By protecting Beth, Butch is slowly pulled into the vampire world with Beth. Both, unaware of exactly what is happening. Beth, because she is still having trouble believing vampires are real, and Butch because he has no idea what is going on.

The vampires of this series are not your typical vampires. The are not exactly immortal, they can die...they just live a really long time. They also eat human food and only drink of other vampires. The feel, the love and they bond (I mean REALLY BOND!) After book 1 you should be hooked! If you're not, I think you need you head examined ;)

For longest time Wrath was my favorite brother, but I found out quickly the more you read of this series, the harder it is to decide who is the best brother.

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  1. The girl is Amy Lee, lead singer from one of my fav bands, Evanescence. She is dark and beautiful. Peter Steele is also dark and beautiful. Great choices!

  2. OH WOW!! I did not realize that was her! Thank's so much for sharing