Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Effortless by S.C. Stephens (#2 in the Thoughtless Series)

If you have not read Thoughtless DO NOT read this review. It contains spoilers and will kill the 1st book for you and you JUST have to enjoy the 1st book because this is one of my favorite series of all time, even if it did put me through agonizing turmoil!!

After reading the 1st book of the series I just had to jump right into the 2nd one. Yes, I know I should have allowed myself to catch up on sleep and get over the MAJOR anxiety the 1st book caused me but I just couldn't wait! I figured, hey everything ended good in the first book, what else could happen? Everything should be smooth sailing from here....WRONG!!

Thoughtless had me wanting to throw my kindle against the wall, grab Kiera and smack some sense into her and then fall in the floor in sobs....Effortless was 10 times worse.

Kiera and Kellan have kind of already gone through all of the horrible relationship problems that we tend to have, even before they were in a relationship. The lied to each other, lied to their friends, lied to their families, even lied to themselves. They have both been hurt in so many ways and are afraid of being hurt again. When you start out lying even before you have a relationship of course you're going to have trust issues. The continue hurting each other and going through all of the HORRIBLE ups and downs, the same as in Thoughtless. I came to a point where I thought I couldn't possibly take it any more. This was the first book to ever put me through this. I didn't think I could finish, it just hurt so bad! My co-worker had to coach me to finish the book. She was like, "Melissa, you can do it. Just take deep breaths and go a step at a time. It has to get better, it can't get much worse".....she was WRONG, just as I was WRONG!!

I'm not going to tell you too much about the book. You all know I have a problem with telling wayyyy too much. I just can't with this one, because if I tell too much it gives it all away.

Kiera continues to live with her sister instead of moving back in her old room at Kellan's She starts working for Pete's bar again and dates Kellan while in the process of readjusting to life. Seems like all is well in paradise but I just KNEW something was going to happen. The D-bags start to get more attention. They play the Bumbershoot festival (how about this is a real festival!! It's not just made up for the book), the fans and groupies start growing at this point. Can Kiera take it? She's a big girl, of course she can...BUT The D-bags have now been noticed. They are asked to go on the road for 6 months with another band (a famous band I may add, so of course the groupies will grow even larger!)....so I'm pretty sure you know this is where everything takes a turn. This was the 1st point in the book that I didn't think I could make it. I wanted to leave Kiera and Kellan as they were at the end of Thoughtless....but I just couldn't do it could I? I had to set myself up for more heart break, I should have known better!

I'm glad I jumped off the deep end and read Effortless. I couldn't get enough Kellan, and still can't. It was great to get to know all of the same characters again and in more detail as well as go through more ups and downs with Kiera and Kellan. Fair warning though, I promise this will make you want to KILL Kiera even more than Thoughtless...just saying hehe. Go ahead, read it. You can do it!! and if you need a coach to get through it, just shoot me a message :)

Loving you, Kellan, is so easy, it's effortless

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