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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Okay, since the wonderful Jamie McGuire has recenlty been signed with Atria and Beautiful Disaster was released to book shelves on August 14th. I thought I would review this book for those of you who have never read it and those of you, like me, who have read it many, many times and just want to re live the glory of TRAVIS "MAD DOG" MADDOX!!!!! (Enter ---> BIG cheesey grin on my face just thinking about it).

Travis is an underground fighter, paying his way thru college with his fists. He is the best of the best, top dog and undefeated. He is also the "play boy" on campus. He can and does get any girl he wants any time he wants them. He lives with his cousin Shepley who is his best friend and biggest fan. He is always in Travis's corner and attends all of Travis's fights.

"Our next fighter doesn't need an introduction, but because he scares the shit outta me, I'll give him one anyway! Shake in your boots, boys, and drop your panties, ladies! I give you: Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox!"
Abby Abernathy is trying to start a new life, with her best friend America. Together they move to anther state to attend college. Abby decides that since her past is kind of shady, she needs to be a good girl with a straight laced guy who has a solid future.One night she decides to go with America and her (America's)boyfriend Shepley to an underground fight.

"My heart pounded in my chest, with a pink cashmere cardigan and pearl earrings, I felt like a school marm on the beaches of Normandy" 
With Abby looking so out of place at the fight, she quickly catches Travis's attention, which she is having none of. He is a fighter with big muscles covered in tattoos, not to mention he goes thru women like water. He is as far away from straight laced as you could be. Abby wants nothing to do with him, but he is not giving up, he promises to be just friends with her and not even think about her panties or getting into them, so she reluctantly agrees to their friendship.

As the friendship grows and they become very close, spending all of their time with each other, Abby realizes there is more to Travis than he shares with the rest of the world and she starts to see him as more than a friend. Travis loves Abby, he has never had any kind of relationship with a girl, friend or otherwise. He knows he is not good enough for her, she deserves the world.
"First of all...I have standards. I've never been with an ugly woman. Ever. Second of all, I wanted to sleep with you. I thought about throwing you over my couch fifty different ways, but I haven't because I don't see you that way anymore. It's not that I'm not attracted to you, I just think you're better than that."  I couldn't hold back the smug smile that crept across my face. "You think I'm too good for you." He sneered at my second insult. "I can't think of a single guy I know that's good enough for you."
Even though there is more to Travis, he is still not the straight laced guy Abby is looking for. She knows that if she goes there it will end in disaster and they will no longer have their friendship. As both of them try to sort out their feelings for each other and still maintain a "just friends" relationship things get kind of rocky, emotions are high and jealousy rears its ugly head and Abby's past comes back to haunt her.

So, for fear of giving too much away, I will stop there. I just love this book so much that I could talk forever about it. (By this I mean I could talk about Travis ALL DAY hehe). Jamie has recently finished Walking Disaster, which is a book from Travis's point of view that will be released in 2013 and I can't wait. Also, this book is being made into a MOVIE!!!! Yes, people we will get to see the magic unfold on the big screen :)

Beautiful Disaster is currently $7.99 at for those Kindle owners and $7.99 at for all of you Nook owners.

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