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One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker

In this follow-up novel to the top-selling Ten Tiny Breaths, Livie Cleary faces a new set of challenges as she navigates freshman year at Princeton, wild parties, and the gorgeous rowing team captain who is everything she doesn’t want in a guy, or so she thinks…

“Make me proud.” These were the last words Livie’s father ever spoke to her. In the seven years since her parents’ tragic death, Livie has done her best to keep this promise through her every choice, word, and action, while looking after her sister with strength and maturity. But with college right around the corner, unexpected challenges will test her resilience—and her heart.

Livie walks into Princeton with a solid plan, and she’s dead set on delivering on it: Rock her classes, set herself up for medical school, and meet a good, respectable guy to marry someday. What isn’t part of her plan are Jell-O shots; a lovable, party animal roommate she can’t say “no” to; and Ashton, the arrogant—and extremely attractive—captain of the men’s rowing team who makes Livie’s usually non-existent temper flare. Worse, he’s best friends and roommates with Connor, who fits Livie’s criteria perfectly. So why does she keep thinking about Ashton?

As Livie finds herself facing mediocre grades, career aspirations she no longer thinks she can handle, and feelings for Ashton that she shouldn’t have, she’s forced to let go of her last promise to her father and, with it, the only identity that she knows.
I was a huge fan of Ten Tiny Breaths. It was the first book I read by Tucker and I was hooked. One Tiny Lie is just as good. It can be read as a stand alone but I would suggest to read Ten Tiny Breaths anyway just so you can get good background on Livie.
Sweet, sweet Livie. That was what I most remembered about the ever so perfect sister from Ten Tiny Breaths. In this novel, Livie is forced to find herself. She is off to college and on he own. Who knew that sweet Livie would have to learn how to expect the unexpected. Livie was a wonderful character in book 1, but I couldn't decide if I would like to read more about her. I mean, she was innocent and almost too perfect. A book about a girl like that would be boring right.....WRONG!! That is what was so wonderful about this novel. Livie is finally breaking free and finding herself. There is raw emotion, escalating drama, mad sexual tension and of course the dreaded triangle. New friendships are formed and new characters are introduced. The main characters are full of inner turmoil, searching for freedom to live life the way they want to. It is exhilarating to see them break free and start to figure out who they are.

Tucker has a wonderful way of writing that will captivate the reader. With the being the 2nd work I have read I can say that each book has left me panting for more after flying through a brilliant novel. Perfect character flow in each one. I couldn't ask for more or for a better author.

 After finishing I was pleased to find out that just recently a 3rd book was released. I had no idea it was even in the making! That shows you where my new Mommy brain on overload has been. So, without further ado, I will be moving on to the 3rd book, Four Seconds to Lose. I can't wait!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review: Bold Tricks (The Artist Trilogy #3) by Karina Halle

The Faster They Live, the Harder They Fall . . .
Raised by con artists, Ellie Watt has a lot of crazy childhood memories-but none crazier than being scarred with acid by the demented crime boss Travis Raines. Now Ellie is a full-grown woman who lives for revenge, and Travis is a full-blown drug lord who kills for pleasure. The sadistic bastard has kidnapped her good friend Gus as well as her mother, whom he's been holding as prized possessions in his heavily guarded lair. And Ellie has only one chance in hell of getting them out alive-using two dangerous men who love her to death . . .

One is Camden McQueen, a talented tattoo artist who's made a permanent mark on Ellie's heart. The other is Javier Bernal, her fiery ex-lover who's busted more than a few heads in his time. From the crime-ridden streets of Mexico City to the predatory jungles of Honduras, this unlikely trio forms an uneasy alliance in the deadliest game of all-a gun-blazing battle to the finish that will pit enemy against enemy and lover against lover. And Ellie must choose the right man to trust . . . or die.

This is the first book I have read since I had the baby. That my friends, was NOT an easy task, lol. Normally this book would have taken a day to complete. It took me 3! Never the less, I finished something that I wanted to do and now I feel accomplished. Maybe I can still be a reader, reviewer and Mommy.

Karina Halle is my all time favorite author so it is hard for me to say that I didn't love this book. Don't get me wrong, I love the series and I liked the book it just wasn't my favorite of them all. I say, let's do another book with an alternate ending that way we can all be happy, lol.

As with the other books of the series this one is sure to get your blood pumping. It is action packed with many twists and turns along the way. There are happy moments, mad moments and even some sad moments. The ending, I KNOW, will have you on the edge of your seat regardless if you are for Javier or Camden. You won't know what to do with yourself. If you are a Halle fan, like myself, then you know that you have no idea what to expect when it comes to her plot twists and character relationships. This was the ending that some needed for this series, but not the ending that I needed, lol (if you know what team I am then you can probably guess why). No matter my feelings on the "choice" at the end it was still a great ending to a wonderful, bloody and brilliant series. If you have followed the Artist Trilogy this far, go ahead and take the plunge and read the final book. 4 stars.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tour Stop & Giveaway: Lie to Me by Chloe Cox

Title – LIE TO ME, Redemption #1
Author – Chloe Cox
Genre – NA/Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date – November 7, 2013
The man who saved her is also the man who destroyed her… or is he?

Seven years ago, I decided I wanted to be a fighter. Marcus Roma showed me how.

Six years ago, my parents died in a car accident. Marcus Roma picked me up off the ground and held me until I could stand on my own two feet.

Five years ago, I fell in love with him.

And then Marcus Roma disappeared. No warning. No explanation. Just gone.

Yesterday, he came back.

And now I have to decide who’s telling the truth, and who’s lying. Who wants something from me, and who wants…


If I guess wrong, I could lose everything. I need to think clearly. But Marcus makes that impossible. Marcus makes me weak. Marcus makes me want, in a way I’ve never felt before.

Marcus Roma will make me fall. The only question is—will he be there to catch me this time?

LIE TO ME is a new adult / adult contemporary romance novel about truth, lies, and redemption. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

This is my first read by Author Chloe Cox and I was not disappointed. I will be recommending her to everyone I know, she is brilliant. I was head over heels in love with this book at about 4% and it just kept getting better. This is a dual POV between Harlow and Marcus and I've found that I love reading books from multiple POV's, it gives you a better understanding of the characters and their thoughts and feelings in each scenario.

I love that this is a story line I haven't read before. This was something new, a fresh look at a love story full of angst, heartbreak and every single emotion written in a way that makes you feel them right along with the characters. This is a definite page turner that will suck you in until the last page.

Harlow met Marcus when they were just kids and became close friends, that friendship turned into more. Marcus was Harlow's first love. He taught her how to be strong, how to pick her head up and keep going during a tragedy and then out of the blue he was just gone. No explanation, NOTHING! Then after 5 years he just shows up......

Marcus has thought of Harlow everyday for 5 years. He thought he was doing what was best, but now that he's seen her for the first time in a long time he knows he can't do it anymore, he has to make her understand. Harlow can't trust Marcus, he left her one time and who's to say he won't do it again. She is hurt, angry and confused, she wants nothing to do with him, but damn her traitorous body for wanting him, and damn her heart for still loving him.

This is a must read people!! I can't wait to read more from this series and I will definitely be reading more by Chloe Cox!

I am so angry I can barely see, and I want him so badly it actually, physically hurts. Like the absence of him inside me aches.

I’m pulling at his shirt now, twisting it, and Marcus’s fingers are digging into my waist, pushing under the waistband of my shorts, almost like they have a mind of their own. They must, because Marcus himself is rock solid and rigid, his body riddled with tension, his muscles working with restraint.

“Lo,” he whispers, shaking his head.

“I don’t want to have to think about this anymore,” I say. “Please just help me to feel something else. Please.”

His thumb sweeps along the inside of my waistband, coming around the front, dipping low so that I shudder, even while the muscles in his shoulders pop and it looks like he’s struggling.

I want to scream.

I do.

I rip at his shirt; I go for the buttons on his jeans. I say, “I don’t want to be scared of being broken forever because you fucking broke me…”

I think he’s about to snap and finally take me when his hands move, lightning fast, and grab mine, pinning them to the table. Marcus is breathing heavy, his whole body hard and alive and pulsing between my legs as I sit on this stupid table, and when he looks at me, it’s with a fierce hunger.

“Not until you tell the truth,” he says. “Not until you say why.”

I know exactly what he means. He can still see through me.

“Because I hate that it’s you that does this to me,” I say. “Why does it have to be you? I hate that it’s you that makes me feel this. I hate you, Marcus, because I…”

Because I love him. But I can’t say it.

He’s leaning into me now, his head close to mine. He’s smelling me. I can feel his lips move along my jaw, my ear, my neck…

“Please don’t make me say the rest,” I say. “You already know the truth, you bastard.”

One hand moves to the back of my head, the other to my hip, and I can already feel the complete control he has over my body. Like he’s just deciding. Feeling it out, the way he does.

I hate him so much for making me love him.

“Marcus, I need you to—”

He doesn’t let me finish. With a growl, he threads his fingers through my hair and pulls my head back, his face hovering just above mine. For a beat his eyes pierce mine and I see what I feel echoed there: a wild need, a fierce, burning fever, the desperation of needing someone you can’t have.

And then when it happens, it happens all at once: his mouth crushing mine, his hand pushing into my shorts, beneath my underwear, his fingers sliding between my wet folds, and then his hand gripping me there. He stops for a moment, as though just wanting to establish ownership, and his tongue parts my lips savagely. I moan into his mouth and grapple at his shoulders, trying to get him to move, to just do it already, because I feel like I might burst, but he’s the one in control, and that drives me even higher. His other hand tightens its grip on my hair, and he takes what he wants, kissing me deeply until I yield to it, until I’m not thinking about anything at all.

About the Author:
I love to tell stories. I especially love romance, only with all the good and sexy parts left in, and sometimes with a little kink, too. I cry at the dumbest commercials, I hide behind the nearest person during scary movies (and then make them tell me what’s going on), and I spend way too much money sending my friends gag gifts. (Amazon Prime free shipping is a dangerous, dangerous thing.)

So aside from feeling compelled to sit at my computer and make stuff up all day, I’m an otherwise normal gal navigating life, family, love and the rest. I am also a voracious, omnivorous reader, a disastrous cook (recipes are at best just suggestions), and the human who belongs to two bat%amp;! insane cats
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Tour Stop & Giveaway: Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

In her newest sexy and emotional contemporary romance series, New York Times Bestselling Author Carly Phillips introduces you to the Dare family… siblings shaped by a father’s secrets and betrayal.

Since finding out his father had another family on the side, Ian Dare swore to be the upstanding, responsible man his cheating parent had never been. But after one glimpse of sensual Riley Taylor, with her feminine curves and beguiling eyes and Ian is entranced. He will do anything to possess her ... but does that include extending an olive branch to the half-brother who is a constant reminder of pain he’d rather forget?

Independent and always in control, Riley Taylor makes no apologies for choosing men carefully. Relationships have never been a priority, and she believes herself hardened to domineering men - until she meets charismatic Ian Dare. He manages to turn a simple kiss into an all out assault on her senses. Their affair heats up and they soon realize they complete each other in ways neither ever imagined. But Riley’s family includes a man Ian would rather live without ...

When I was given the opportunity to be a part of this tour it was like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. I have been a Carly Phillips fan ever since I started sneaking my moms books off of her bookshelf when I was in high school. And the icing on the cake was finding out she is also going indie!!!! We here at Smardy Pants Book Blog LOOOVVEEE indie authors!!
In Dare to Love we meet the Dare family and all of their DRAMA! This is book one in the Dare to Love Series about Ian Dare, the oldest brother in the family. Ian Dare is all alpha male. He is demanding, sexy, smart and he knows what he wants starting with Riley Taylor. The moment he lays eyes on her walking into the room he knows he has to have her and will stop at nothing to do it, until he learns she is there with his half brother. There is a family feud to top all family feuds going on and sibling rivalry over everything.
Riley Taylor is a smart independent woman who overcame her past with the help of her childhood best friend, Alex Dare. He has always been there for her no matter what. So when she meets Ian, Alex's half brother, she knows she shouldn't be attracted to him, that Alex will lose it if he knew that she wanted Ian, but their chemistry is out of this world, off the charts sizzling HOT!
I give this book 4.5 stars! I loved everything about it. The witty banter between the characters, the chemistry, the family drama and watching both Ian and Riley find themselves. I couldn't put the book down and to be honest I'm a little sad that it ended. I can't wait to read more about this family. I have a feeling that this is a series you won't want to miss out on!

About the Author:
New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips tossed away her legal briefs and a career as an attorney to become a stay at home mom. Within the year, she turned her love of reading into an obsession with writing. Over 30 published novels later, Carly writes sexy contemporary small town romances, striking a balance between entertainment, humor and the emotion her readers have come to expect and enjoy.
Carly is a New York Times bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, Publisher’s Weekly bestseller and as of 2012, a Romance Writer’s of America RITA Nominee. In 2002, Carly’s novel, The Bachelor, became Kelly Ripa’s “Reading with Ripa” pick on Live with Regis and Kelly, making it the first romance ever chosen on a nationally televised book club.

Carly received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University and is a graduate of Boston University School of Law (J.D.). To date, Carly has over thirty novels to her credit, all available wherever books are sold.
When not writing or playing online, Carly loves to read, occasionally to knit, and to spend time with her family. She lives in Purchase, New York with her husband, two daughters and her dogs, a soft coated wheaten terrier and a Havanese. Her dogs are prominently featured on her website and Facebook page.

Author Contact Links:

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Tour Stop & Giveaway: Hard To Love You by Megan Smith

What do you do when the one you’ve always wanted becomes too Hard to Love?

Hailey Taylor's heart has always belonged to Mason Cahill, but one secret has changed everything.

Things on the baseball field come easy for Mason Cahill. Why can’t the rest of his life be simple? Mason's finally admitted he wants the one girl he can be himself around, but one secret destroyed that.

Their love isn't sweet and simple. It's hot, loud, and messy. But now, when he's finally all in, she’s folded. Sparks fly. Tempers flare. Hearts shatter. One thing is certain… everything has changed.

Who will be too Hard to Love?

Mature New Adult novel—contains adult content, sexual situations and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up*


Buy Links:
Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Barnes & Noble:


Author Bio:
Megan is the author of USA Today and Amazon Bestselling novel, Trying Not To Love You.

She lives in New Jersey, with her husband and son.

During the day Megan is behind a desk purchasing computer equipment. At night, she's writing and planned for her next release or chasing around her very active son.

Social Media Links:



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Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Long After by Cheryl McIntyre

For Annie Phillips, there is a right way to do things and everything has a place. College and her flawless GPA are top priority, as is planning her perfect future. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable. So when she meets Loden Guiles, she believes she has finally found her perfect happily-ever-after.

Chase Malloy is funny, loyal, and an all around nice guy. He’s also sloppy, tattooed, and undirected. All Chase wants to do is survive college, hang out with friends, and make music. Knowing his best friend’s step-sister since they were fourteen, Annie and he have always had a love-hate relationship. The last thing Chase expects is to fall for Annie, but he knows he’ll never live up to her idea of the perfect man.

On the outside, Annie and Loden’s relationship appears picture perfect. But behind closed doors, Annie quickly realizes Loden isn’t the man he pretends to be. Every time her not so well laid plans crumble, and Loden proves to be not so Mr. Right, Chase is there to pick her up and brush her off. Will she realize the perfection she’s been searching for has been in front of her all this time?

*Long After is a companion novel to Sometimes Never and Before Now. Many of the same characters appear in Chase and Annie's story. However, it can be read as a stand-alone book.

**This is a new adult novel. Due to harsh language, sexual situations, and violence, this book is recommended for 17+.

LOVE...LOVE....FREAKING LURVE LONG AFTER!! This has to be my favorite of Cheryl McIntyre's books and it takes ALOT to make me sway from my love for Park Reed and I mean ALOT! <------ Seriously, no joke! Not only is it my favorite of the series, it's my favorite book of the YEAR. Yea, I said year as in the whole of 2013, every book I've read this year.... THIS IS THE ONE!!

I knew after I read Book One, Sometimes Never that Chase was going to be special and I knew that there was some sort of connection between him and Annie but I never expected this....for my world to be turned upside down, flipped over, shaken, stirred and covered with the best post it notes EVER! <--- you have to read the book to get that last one :)

Okay so we can all agree that Annie isn't our favorite character in the first two books. She's a bit shallow and self centered but we do see little teeny tiny glimpses of a real person under all that fake cheerleader, popular girl who-ha crap. Honestly I expected Annie to be a first class whiney bitch, but I should have known that Cheryl had something up her sleeve when she brought Annie to life. My heart broke for her and the struggles she went through and it made me think, there are girls out there that go through this everyday and that's one of the things I love about this author, she writes about real issues, serious issues that affect our youth today. Annie's character blew me away and as much as I love Hope for being a badass, I love Annie just as much for what she goes through and how she grows into herself. All of these characters feel like they are a part of your family, I seriously never want it to end.

My favorite thing about this book is the fact that Cheryl used song titles as the names for each chapter. Melissa and I are both HUGE music lovers, and it's like Cheryl tapped into our souls and created the perfect playlist. Like Chase, music is in our bones and maybe that's why I relate to him so well or it could be that he is just...sigh...PERFECT! I can't wait for more from Cheryl McIntyre, this lady NEVER disappoints and NEVER ceases to amaze me! I can't wait for more from her and this series.

Tour Stop & Giveaway: The Perfect Distraction by Melissa Rolka


Title - The Perfect Distraction (Book #1)
Author - Melissa Rolka
Genre - New Adult Romance
Release Date - October 1, 2013
When Katherine “Kate” leaves for her freshmen year at college, a grounded and stable piece of her is missing. She pushes away the ghosts of her past, determined to start her college life single, carefree and distracted. Throughout high school Kate was reserved and shy, with little experience. Now, on her own, with little holding her back, Kate is ready to branch out. She bonds with a tight knit group of friends and even starts casually dating. What starts out as innocent flirting on the tennis courts slowly turns into a friendship and eventually something more complex. Reed comes into her life giving her the distraction she craves more than anything; but is she ready to give her heart away so easily? Things get complicated when Kate’s ex-boyfriend and first love continues to pursue her. Kyle deeply regrets breaking her heart when he left for college the year before and is now on a mission to reclaim her. Kyle’s persistence and relentlessness is nothing short of obsessive. He will stop at nothing to win her back and prove his love. Kate finds herself torn between her past and the unknown of the future. Her determination to stay distracted may just be her downfall or the beginning of something new and wonderful.

Buy the Book

Amazon US | Amazon UK

About the Author
1170755_502594919828415_972857835_n   Melissa Rolka grew up in the Chicagoland area all of her childhood and has always had a love of writing. She started by keeping a journal at a young age and then in high school she started writing poetry. A couple poems were published anonymously. Then in college she majored in Philosophy, which required lots and lots of writing. After graduating from Marquette University she traveled west to Los Angeles. There she worked for the Writers Guild of America and found herself submerged in the writers world. She worked on small writings, but never pursued them. On the side she became involved with a small theater group. Eventually she made her way back to the Midwest, where her heart belongs, and worked in business for several years. She found love, got married and has two beautiful children. Being at home has allowed her to keep following her love of reading and writing.The Perfect Distraction is her first full length novel. A second continuation of this story is in the works with hopes for a third. When Melissa is not writing she is caring for, playing with and loving her two kids. In between taking care of her family and writing she almost always has her nose buried in her Kindle.
Connect with Melissa

Facebook | Goodreads


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Spotlight & Giveaway: Wear You Down by Rucy Ban

Emma Paes has had a very Dickensesque start to her life. The born in a dumpster, rescued by a missionary and caged in a convent kind.

Over the years, fueled by her love for sitcoms and classics, Emma dreams of visiting the land of Gilmore Girls, becoming a governess and maybe even finding her very own Mr. Rochester.

When she bumps into Harry Colt while backpacking in Paris, she starts wondering if she’s finally found him. But Harry doesn’t fit into any of Emma’s fictional cut-outs. He is neither a beautiful bastard nor a walking disaster. Dammit, he doesn’t even have fangs popping out during sexy times!

Driven by circumstances, they share a hotel room and spend two loquacious nights together in Paris. But then Harry does something which breaks Emma’s heart and she runs away without saying goodbye.

It takes a whole year for them to meet again. But things are different this time. Emma is no longer the naive girl Harry met in Paris. She’s become the reigning Samba queen of Rio and doesn’t need the crutches of fictional or real heroes to lead her life. And not all the sexy v’s and smoldering eyes in the world can make her change her mind.

Undaunted and undeterred, Harry summons all his courage and charm to pursue Emma and convince her that he is worthy of winning her heart back. But will she let him?

Contemporary Romance. HEA ending. 17+

Rucy Ban was born in 1978 and still continues to thrive. Ever since she first met Francine (the protagonist of her favorite novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn), Rucy fell in love with the written word. Rucy has a B-school degree in Marketing which she now puts to good use teaching lovable rowdy rogues and negotiating with her equally belligerent adolescent. In her previous avatar, she handled corporate communications for companies. At present, Rucy lives in Sao Paulo, travels often, speaks decent, if not quite fluent, Portuguese and really hates talking about herself in third person. Contact her at


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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Release Day: Surrender Your Love by J.C. Valentine

Surrender to Love FinalGenre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Synopsis: After finding herself out of luck and out of love, Patricia Jacobs has written off the male species. No one but her father has ever given her the love and devotion she knows she deserves, and she’s sick and tired of it. Until she collides, literally, with a man whose devastating smile and seductive charm that should be considered illegal, destroys her plans. He’s everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man: handsome, intelligent, successful, they share a love of cars and best of all; he looks at her like she’s his light in the dark. What more could a girl ask for? Jonathon Bradshaw, destroyed by a past that has haunted his every waking moment for the last five years, isn’t looking for a serious relationship, until he meets Patricia. Sweet, saucy and as hot as the summer is long, Jon can’t deny the draw he has toward her. For the first time, he has hope. Determined to shake the ghosts of his past, Jon focuses on forging a future with Patti, but he’s always been a master at standing in his own way. When Jon’s past refuses to be forgotten, will Patti be able to live with the truth about the man who’s stolen her heart?

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“What kind of business person do you think I am, Patricia?”
She grinned at his playfulness. “I don’t know you well enough to speak on your business habits, but I think I should tell you now, I don’t mix business with pleasure.” Jon pushed open the first set of doors and stopped in the enclosed space that separated the outside from in. He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. “Am I to take that as an invitation to give you pleasure?” Patti’s chest heaved with her shortened breaths. She became increasingly aware of how close they were, of the heat emanating from everywhere their bodies touched. “You can give me anything you want,” she whispered. His eyes flared with desire. Cupping her face in his hand, Jon tilted her head back and leaned down. Patti’s stomach tumbled and need thrummed through her veins with white-hot intensity. Before their lips could meet, a roll of thunder crashed outside and a bolt of lightning split the night sky. Patti nearly leaped out of her skin. “Looks like rain,” Jon chuckled at the exact moment the skies opened up to unleash a torrential downpour. Patti, still a little shaky from her unexpected shock from the heavens, shuddered. “Easy, baby, it’s just a little thunderstorm.” Patti released a stilted laugh, her cheeks heating in humiliation. “I’m not afraid of thunderstorms. That was just a little unexpected is all.” Looking out across the rain-soaked parking lot, Jon considered this. A wicked smile crossed his face. “Wanna make a run for it?” Patti peered through the glass doors. “I don’t mind getting wet,” she said, biting her lip when he tugged her tighter to his body to let her know the deliberate double entendre hadn’t escaped him. “But I don’t know how well I’ll fare running in this weather in these heels.” She pointed to her shoes, which bore no need for explanation. It would be obvious even to a blind man that she would break an ankle if she attempted anything faster than a leisurely stroll. “You’re probably right,” Jon conceded. “I guess I could just bring the car around…” he trailed off, thinking. “Or…” Patti squealed in surprise when Jon bent low, grabbing her around the knees, and hefting her over his shoulder. The next thing she knew, she was bobbing up and down as he burst through the doors and raced across the parking lot.

jc valentineAbout the Author: J.C. Valentine is the alter-ego of Brandi Salazar, whose enjoyment of erotic tales of romance spurred her to branch out and create her own. Brandi Salazar lives in the Northwest with her husband, their wild children, and far too many pets. As a university student, she studies literature, which goes well with her dream to become an editor. Brandi entertains a number of hobbies including reading and photography, but her first love is writing fiction-in all its forms.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tour Stop & Giveaway: Thief (Love me with Lies #3) by Tarryn Fisher

Note to Self

Love is patient; love is kind.
Love doesn't boast or brag.
There's no arrogance in love;
it's never rude, crude, or indecent-it's not self absorbed.
Love isn't easily upset.
Love doesn't tally wrongs.
Love trusts, hopes, and endures no matter what.
Love will never become obsolete.
I'll fight for her.


Caleb Drake never got over his first love. Not when he got married. Not when she got married. When life suddenly comes full circle Caleb must decide how how far he is willing to go to get the aloof and alluring Olivia Kaspen back. But for every action in life there is a consequence, and soon Caleb finds out that sometimes love comes at an unbearably high price.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Blitz & Giveaway: Rapture by Lexi Buchanan

MB 02 - Rapture Synopsis
Sebastian has never in his thirty-four years had such a strong attraction to a woman. Oh, he’s felt instant lust before, more times that he cares to remember, but there’s something about Carla that’s different and he finds it difficult to get her out of his head, which is where she needs to be considering she’s dating his brother. Carla has been pretending to date Ramon for a while now to keep a violent ex of hers away and to keep Ramon’s family off his back. They’ve been friends for a couple of years, so it was only natural that they’d help each other out, except she hasn’t bargained on falling for Ramon’s brother, Sebastian. Also catch up with the McKenzie family as they welcome the twins to the family. Each book has a HEA 'Happily Ever After'


Amazon UK | Amazon USA | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords Also available on iTunes | Kobo | Sony
Book 1 - Seduce is on sale 99c/77p Amazon UK | Amazon USA | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords
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Carla's POV

What the hell has gotten into Sebastian? He practically dragged me out of Lily’s room and now he’s dragging me down the hallway as though there’s a fire. He looks through the window to a room. “In here,” he says, pushing the door open before pulling me inside and out of view of the window. “Sebasti–” He slams his mouth to mine and pushes me up against the wall, grabbing my thighs he hoists me up so I wrap my legs around him coming into contact with his huge swollen cock, making my eyes open wide. I had no idea he was so aroused. I shove my fingers into his hair, holding his mouth to me. The things he does with his tongue has me wet and aching. “I need you babe.” He lets my feet hit the floor, unzips me, shoving my jeans and thong down my legs before releasing his cock, which is already wet at the tip. I can’t take my eyes off him as he jerks with arousal and takes hold of himself, pulling back to the root of him and holding there. “Carla,” he says between gritted teeth, “I’m going to come the minute I get inside you.” That’s the only warning I get. He spins me around. I place my hands on the wall as he pulls my hips towards him before thrusting inside me. He feels so good, filling me up, which sets off little electric shocks along my channel. Letting go of my hips, he wraps me up in his arms and slides his hands up inside my top, shoving my bra above my breasts and starts massaging and pinching my nipples. “Hmm,” I moan resting my head on his shoulder behind me. My breath catches as he pulls most of the way out of me, leaving just the tip inside. “I’m going to fuck your cunt now.” Oh God! He starts pumping his hips in and out of me. One hand stays on my nipple while the other moves to my clit. The minute he touches me between my legs, he pinches my nipple and I explode. Seeing stars, I can’t stop climaxing. My channel grips Sebastian’s cock. My muscles rippling up and down the length of him. Cursing, he pulls out shoving his fingers inside me to ride out my orgasm. I feel his other hand take hold of his cock, which is pressed against my ass before turning my head and watching him ejaculate on the floor. Unable to catch my breath, I stay resting against the wall as he removes his fingers from inside me. I hear Sebastian putting himself back together before he bends and pulls my thong and jeans back up then he turns me around to fasten them. He kisses my lips, pulling me back into his arms. “God, did I need you…but shit, it would have been too messy if I came inside you here.” “I know.” I love him coming inside me. It makes me feel even more connected to him than just having his dick inside me. “You like my words, baby?” he whispers into my ear, rubbing my ass and pushing me against him. “You can’t be ready to go again?” “I’m always ready with you, and answer the question,” he chuckles. Why I blush when he uses those naughty words, I don’t know, but I do and now I probably look like a tomato. “You’re not saying anything, but I’ll let you off the hook for now because I know you find them as hot as I do when I use them and I bet if I touch your pussy it will be wet and not just from the orgasm you’ve just had.” Breaking away from him, I smack his arm. “Stop embarrassing me.” I try to leave the room, but he catches me around the waist. “I’ll be using those words again the next time I’m buried deep inside you,” he whispers in my ear. “Your little cunt will tell me how much dirty talk turns you on.” My body feels alive again. He’s just brought me to orgasm, and I already need him again. His words do turn me on, although I’m not used to hearing them when referring to my body parts. Oh, I’ve seen them in enough books that I’ve read, in fact Bared to You comes to mind, but God, Sebastian is right. Hearing those words turns me on something wicked. He moves to stand in front of me and smirks when he sees the lust I’m struggling to hide on my face. If we weren’t in an unlocked hospital room, I’d be on him again. “C’mon, before Mom comes looking for us. I promise to behave in public from now on,” he smirks. Opening the door for me, we walk out straight into Michael and Lucien. “Where have you two been?” Lucien pauses, looks between the two of us, and then continues, “Then again never mind. Carla you go back into Lily’s room, while we interrogate Sebastian and don’t worry we’re going to sit right over there by the door.” Lucien points.

About the Author

I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived, and worked at the University of Bolton, until I moved to Ireland with my husband, four kids and pack of animals. We are now settled in a lovely town, in County Cavan. The kids love their schools, once they get there that is. My eldest daughter, is on the Irish Junior Archery Team, and spends her time training. At least she does when her dad can get her off her ipad, reading or listening to music. My kindle is loaded with too many books to mention, as I absolutely love to read when I have the chance. My all time high would be to stand at the foot of Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Website - Email - Facebook - Twitter - @AuthorLexi

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