Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wraith by Edie Claire

WOW! Is all I can say. I just finished Wraith by Edie Claire and I loved every minute of it. It has to be one of the best YA paranormal reads I have read to date. This book is filled with heart and soul. It kept me wanting more even in the end (ahh, the end was wonderful!!). Edie says she would love to follow up with a sequel, and I tell you I can’t wait! How can we get a sequel? Well…. make sure all of your friends read Wraith and let Edie know how much we love it and want to continue the story of Kali and Zane.

There are not many books that can make me cry. I read books and feel like I’m going to cry, but I don’t think I have actually cried over a book since I was in the 7th grade and read Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls (damn book still gets me every time!). This book literally made me cry. I cried from sadness and happiness and that is not easy to explain when you are sitting at work on your lunch break and people are looking at you like “OMG, why is she crying” lol.

Kali is a military brat. She has been forced to move around her entire life and is now in the process of looking for a home in Oahu with her mother and father. She has had a gift her entire life that she looks at more of like a curse. She has the ability to see “shadows”, or what we think of as ghosts. She doesn’t have any physical contact with the “shadows”. She can’t talk to them, or touch them and they can’t see her. The “shadows” are more like a residual haunting than an intelligent haunting. It’s almost like she can see their memories and sometimes feel their emotions. Each shadow is different, some Kali can’t stand to be around because it hurts too much, others she wants to continue following because the happiness of their situation overwhelms her.

Then, there is Zane. Kali is causally lying on the beach one afternoon and notices a guy in board shorts with curly blond hair dripping wet from surfing. She soon realizes he is a “shadow” because she can see through parts of his body. She asks herself out loud “why are all the good ones dead?” Zane responds by looking at her and asking her what she said. She thinks he is just another typical “shadow” until he continues looking at her and again asks what she is talking about. Kali then realizes that Zane can see her and communicate with her (YES! This is where the story starts to come alive J) .

Chord Overstreet is my Zane 

Okay, I’m serious. Just thinking about everything Kali and Zane go through together has me wanting to break out the tears again (I won’t tell you if they are good tears or bad tears hehe). PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!! Tell your friends to read the book! Let Edie know how much we love the book so she will be FORCED to write another!! Really Edie…I’m begging, write more Zane and Kali J


What would I like to see in the second book? I would love to know how Kali explains to her parents and her friends how she met Zane and how she knew to go to him. I would also like to know where Zane will live when he gets out of rehab. Will he slowly start to remember Kali and how she found him? Will they stay together? Will he go to college? Does Kali remain friends with Matt? Does Kali get the chance to help anyone else? Does Kali get over her fear of water and go surfing with Zane?


  1. Regarding your question about will they stay together, I think yes. I've come to understand in these YA paranormal books, when the two come together, they're meant to be together for good.

  2. I agree. YA books are about young love and happy endings.