Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kellan Kyle Rock God

Don't you wish the D-Bags were a real band and we could all pack up and follow them around the states? lol I DO! While reading Thoughtless and Effortless, every time the D-Bags would play, or every time Kellan would sing I always tried to imagine what his sultry, sexy voice must sound like.

I am a big fan of alternative and grungy music, so it's hard for me to ever think anything I am reading sounds anything other than grunge or alternative. I think Kellan sounds like Robin Wilson, lead vocalists for the 90's alternative band Gin Blossoms. If you listen to anything by the Gin Blossoms, you know whoever wrote the lyrics must have been hurt before. It seems that each song is about being jealous, or cheating. For all of you Kellan Kyle fans you know this goes hand in hand with Thoughtless and Effortless and I'm pretty sure it will go right along with Reckless (the 3rd book to be released in December) too.

Hey Jealousy- Gin Blossoms

Til I Hear it from You- Gin Blossoms--I honestly have no idea what's up with this video, lol. I couldn't find a simple video with the lyrics, I had to find something crazy with a add in it lol.

Of course we all have different ideas of how Kellan should sound. Ashley thinks he sounds more like Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon. Her songs for Kellan to sing are Closer and Revelry.
Closer- Kings of Leon

Revelry- Kings of Leon

We are always looking for new music, what better way to do it than through Kellan!! Please post what you think Kellan or the entire D-Bags band would sound like. 

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    Maybe he sounds a bit like the MUSE leading artist..just saying:D i imagine a young sexy voice