Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour) by Olivia Cunning

I have so much love for this book! I can't believe it has taken me this long to write the review. I'm getting myself read for the release of Double Time (Sinners on Tour #3) (YAY!!).....so I tell myself  "why not go ahead and do the reviews for books 1 and 2 and make a reading order guide...." and that's exactly what I'm doing, lol.


This book was a lot of fun! It was steamy, angsty, even romantic...I fell for it big time! My husband is a musician and it just made me want to eat him up the way Myrna eats up Master Sinclair. It probably messed with his head a bit, lol I mean, when I read this I had just gotten off the Fifty kick and then I was on to some hot and heavy rock star book...I'm sure my husband thanks E.L. James and Olivia Cunning for that week (blushing big time over that, lol).

Book 1 is so far my favorite of this series, I don't know what it is about Brian Sinclair, but man, oh man, if you haven't read it yet I know you will fall hard for him just like I did. I think it has to do with the fact that when Myrna meets him he is drunk and heartbroken. He can't seem to keep his women away from The Sinner's lead vocalist, Sed. Not to mention that he falls in love super easy.


Myrna, a sex therapist (or is it professor, I'm thinking professor...it's been a few months, forgive me!) bumps into Brian at the right time. He is drunk and heartbroken and Myra knows just how to cure his heartache...The band constantly warns Myrna that Brian is sensitive and whatever she does DO NOT HURT HIM! She continues to think that they are just having fun, when Brian keeps seeing it another way...WHY, can't she just listen to the band!! Brian is easily heartbroken! He thinks every woman he is with is the one for him. Oh, I just wanted to punch her in the face!!

He wanted something real, not the fantasy. She could see it in his soft, brown eyes as he gazed at her. She was sorry to disappoint him, but she was all about that fantasy. He’d just have to find a way to cope when her few hours in fantasyland came to an end.

Myrna plays with his heart BIG TIME. Each time she finds a way out of his life, it's like all she can do is want to be back in it (make up your damn mind!). She keeps insisting that all they are doing is having a Good time....but her actions speak differently than her words.

Although I hated Myrna, I felt pretty bad for her too. Her ex was a major dick! He convinced her she was a stupid whore just because she was sexually adventurous. So between the demons they both have, you are in for some serious turmoil.

Aside from the whiplash back and forth with Myrna and Brian, I really came to love this book. It has some crazy, mega blushing, steamy scenes and let's not forget Brian is a member of a touring rock band so you KNOW that added some entertainment to the book. Overall, great read! Book 2, good read...I can't wait for book 3!

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