Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crime (The ‘Burg) Series by Kristen Ashley Reading Order Guide

Now THIS is a hot series!! Joe Callahan (book #2)....woof!! Joe is pretty much every book boyfriend fantasy (minus, he is not in a rock band....tear) He is a bad ass security guard of the stars, he is sinister and scared from his past, not to mention smokin!
Well...(wipe the sweat from my forehead), this is not about Joe, lol, it's about all of the boys....and here is the reading order:
Per Kristen's blog:
Oh no, we're far from done with The 'Burg.
Read on to learn what will happen next in The 'Burg but do so at your own risk. Spoilers of previous books are contained below.
First up...
In At Peace,Benny took his cousin Cal's back. And so did Benny's dead brother's girlfriend, Francesca. Since his brother's death, Benny has been nursing his grudge against the woman he thinks led to his brother's downfall. And he does this to bury the feelings he has for Frankie, feelings that ride alongside guilt at the unmistakable pull he feels from his brother's girl. But when Frankie takes a bullet while on the run with Cal's woman Vi, Benny has to face his feelings. The problem is, Frankie has decided she's done her penance to Benny and his family. Penance she didn't deserve to pay. She's done with Benny and the Biancihi family. She's starting a new life away from Chicago and her heartbreaking history.
But Frankie's new life leads her to The 'Burg, where Benny has ties and she finds she hasn't quite succeeded in getting away.
The next title in The 'Burg Series is not, at this time, scheduled for release. But the wait won't be forever. Stay tuned here and on the Coming Soon page for news.
The Merrick Family is known for loving deep. But when Garrett and Raquel Merrick's mother was murdered under their own roof, this event (as it would) marked the Merrick family. Both Merrick children found love. Both Merrick children turned their backs on it. But Garrett "Merry" Merrick knows in his soul the woman he divorced is the one for him.
Or is she?
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