Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Golden Trail (The Burg Series) by Kristen Ashley

Tanner Layne (Layne) met Raquel (Rocky) Merrick and he fell hard, knew he had to make her his. They were young and in love, had their futures planned for forever. One day Layne came home and Rocky was gone, no explanations, nothing, just gone.

Layne left the Burg to start a new life only to return years later to help his ex-wife raise his two teenage sons and keep an eye on her new boyfriend who is known for his dirty dealings. He moves to town and opens his own private investigation firm and teams up with his best friend Merrick (Rocky's brother) to catch a dirty cop only to be shot and almost killed.
Rocky is done avoiding Layne, she shows up at the hospital to make sure he is okay. Days after he is released she shows up at his house to let him know that she is helping in the investigation to bring down the dirty cop and she wants his help. He is not having it. After she broke his heart she thinks she can just show up and everything is fine, like nothing ever happened.
Layne decides to work with Rocky once he realizes that she will do this with or without him. To keep her safe they form a plan pretending they have gotten back together. They both quickly realize that they have to face their past in order to make this work. Rocky is holding onto some very dark secrets while trying to protect her heart and Layne has to try to convince her to let him back in. Rocky goes undercover to gain the trust of the dirty cop only to find out he is even dirtier than they thought. So now they have a dirty cop, an underground sex ring, his ex-wife's boyfriend is into some shady business and Rocky's soon to be ex-husband wants to cause trouble. Meanwhile, Layne's mother learns that Rocky is back and she is not happy about it. Layne enlists the help of his two teenage sons and his ex-CIA mentor to help solve the case while trying to keep Rocky from getting herself killed.

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