Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wild Man by Kristen Ashley (Dream Man Series #2)

Why Kristen Ashley? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?.....must you tease us with such bossy, demanding, gruffy, sexy, one worded men!! And the women in the books!! So totally relatable, I mean I really feel like they are real people and not made up characters. I love that I can relate to them and the things go through and they way they handle them.


Wild Man was my least favorite of the series, but I still loved it (in all honesty, I love Everything Kristen Ashley writesJ)!

This book is about Brock. We met him in Mystery Man, he was part of the kidnapping (he wasn’t really in on the plot, he was undercover). Brock is an undercover agent in the DEA and get’s very serious about his roles. If there is a female involved in his investigation, he’s can get quite personal with her…(wink wink J).
Paul Walker is my Brock Lucas

In this book he’s investigating a sweet, timid, cake baker, Tess. She is trying to get on with her life, after leaving her abusive husband. Little did she know her abusive husband was seriously involved in some shady dealings with drug cartels, and therefore, her past involvement with him is suspect. Wellll…..Brock develops a serious crush on her, and she falls for him head over heals. Together for months now, she truly believes he might actually love her. But she doesn’t know him as Brock …..she knows him as Jake Knox.

Scarlett Johannson as Tess

So of course, when she finds out the truth, it is not good at all! She is crushed, and her whole world falls apart. So, was the love Tess and Jake Knox had together fake? Or was Jake Knox really loving her as Brock?

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