Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo

My FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME!!! I don't think Ashley feels the same (although I know for a fact she loves it, hehe ). This book literally ripped my screaming heart out, threw it against the wall, spit on it a few good times and then stomped on it before placing it back in my chest. YES! This is probably the most intense book of all time for me.

This book has everything that I look for in a book; the love of music (from someone that actually knows what they are talking about), romance in a weird sort of way, betrayal, and then an UNEXPECTED FROM HELL ending.

How To Kill A Rock Star is the most beautiful, poetic, artsy read I have ever read. This is important to me. I am so totally against mainstream and this book is so far underground you have to pull out your flashlight to see whats going on lol

Twenty-something year old Eliza moves from Ohio to New York to work for a music magazine. Her brother Michael already lives there, and is in a band on the brink of being signed. She doesn't want to invade on her brother and his wife so, she moves in with her brother’s singer. Of course they all warn her – DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM!!

Paul Hudson is your typical rock-star. Cute, self-indulgent, and “out there”, but he’s the real deal. A true artist. He is your typical wam bam thank you ma’am.

Eliza and Paul go through weeks of connecting, bonding over music, getting to know each other as friends.
Despite her serious attraction, she resists. He persists. He sees something in her that calls to him.He believes meeting her brother was fate, so that they could find each other. They fall in absolute love with each other, and he’s determined to become a better person for her.

With  Eliza's connections from the magazine, and Paul's talent, the band is discovered along with a huge dilemma; sign with the indie label and be artistically free (what Paul wants), or sign with the huge record label (which is what the rest of the band wants) and possibly be forced to sell out (Oh, how I HATE a sell out!!).

But that’s not all. Not even close. Paul quickly realizes he will have to leave the love of his life behind. The one that helps completes him, his art, his being. She won’t follow. First, she has a job. Second and most importantly, she will not ever get on a plane (parents died in a plane crash). When he realizes she’ll never fly out with him while he’s on tour, he second guesses everything the band has just committed themselves too.
He doesn’t want to do this without her. Deep down, he doesn’t care for that kind of fame, hes happy to keep playing his music locally if it means he can be in love, and remain true to his art.

His agent is appalled and confronts Eliza, tries to recruit her to help Paul see the light. If he doesn’t do this tour, hes throwing it all away. Her guilt is deep, and she’s determined not to have Paul’s decisions ruin everyone’s chances.She devises a plan (IDIOT!!). A  way to get him to go on tour without her – it’s just a year, after all. They can fix this when he gets back. She will not be the reason he threw away the perfect opportunity, the dream he’s been working for.

The decision she makes is the kicker. This is where the shit hits the fan. You want to know now don't you.... Well, don't be like Ashley and text me at midnight asking for a spoiler, I WILL NOT give it to you lol. Just be ready, I can get emotional with my books but rarely cry, this one is a crier for sure. Make sure you have all night to read because you won't put it down, you may not even go to work the next day lol

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