Saturday, September 29, 2012

White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert

White Trash Beautiful is the furst book I have read by Teresa Mummert, but it is definitely not my last! I loved every minutes of it even though parts of it broke my heart.



 Cass lives in a run down trailer park with her junkie mother and her abusive junkie boyfriend, Jackson. She is the only one supporting them all by working at a hole in the wall diner, pulling double shifts just to make ends meat. She tries to save all she can with the hopes of one day making it out of the trailer park. Both her boyfriend and her mom say they will get clean but time after time she is disappointed. She hopes that once they have made it out she can get both of them help. She is bitter and walks around with a chip on her shoulder as a defense mechanism, she won't let anyone close to her for fear of being hurt. She knows what its like to have something and then it all be taken away and she won't let that happen again. Everything is going along just fine for her until Tucker White walks into the diner and sits in her section.

Tucker White (Oh my, be still my beating heart) is the lead singer of the band Damaged. In town for his concert he walks into a diner for a burger and meets Cass. He can't seem to get enough, he tries to get close to her, but nothing he does is right, she has walls up all around her. Cass knows she shouldn't give into Tucker, she has a boyfriend and even though he treats her like crap at least she knows he will never leave her, unlike Tucker who is only in town for a few days, but he is just so sexy riding in on his motorcycle, with his sweet smile and those beautiful tattoos.

Ahhh, just writing this review makes me want to read the book again and I just finished it 30 minutes ago lol

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