Thursday, September 6, 2012

Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover


I am so grateful to have found Slammed (the 1st book of this series). I am even more grateful to know there was more Slammed to be found in Point of Retreat (I am seriously addicted to Colleen Hoover, she has the best facebook posts and obviously is an AWESOME writer!).

Slammed brought the tears to my eyes, and I swear if Point of Retreat didn't butterflying pull them out!!

Will and Lake are now in similar situations. They have been through hell and back together and are bonded to each other by everything they have been through. Will is now helping Lake get through losing her mom, while he is grieving her loss too. They are both raising their younger brothers, trying to keep things stable, be good roles models and still be together.

They are meant to be together right? They have both gone through the loss of  their parents and are both raising younger brothers. What could break the bond that they have.....maybe an ex-girlfriend? Yeah, exactly! This one is a doosy. I love Will, but understood where Lake was coming from when she thought maybe he only stuck by her because he felt sorry for her.

That's all you are gonna get from me on this one!! I have to keep it simple,or I will give it all away!!!

I know Matt Davis is older than Will, but he is who I pictured the entire time!

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