Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thomas & January by Fisher Amelie

Fisher Amelie has done it again, she has given us characters that you will fall in love with!! I give this book 5 STARS!!!

We are first introduced to Thomas Eriksson in Callum & Harper's story by the name of "Tie-Die" Tom. Tom is fed up with New York and everything it didn't have to offer him, including the girl that broke his heart. Leaving everything behind he moves to Austin, Texas to work as a talent scout for Seven Seas. He walks around in a constant bad mood, brooding over his broken heart, keeping everyone at arms length.

January MacLochlainn has everything going for her, a full ride to Berkeley's Department of Music and a loving hippie family, but it just doesn't feel right so she drops out of Berkeley leaving her full scholarship behind. She is a huge music lover and supports her best friend Casey's band, The Belle Jar all the way. While attending one of their concerts she meets Thomas, who is there to scout another band and there are instant "sparks".
"When we got close enough and i could get a good enough view of him, I was forced to stop short. My heart beat wildly in my chest. My tongue swelled in my mouth and my chest felt constricted. My blood rushed through my veins, heating up my face and neck to hide the obvious red I knew was painted there, a telltale sign that I was intrigued by something."

January is offered a job at Seven Seas by Tom's boss, Jason. She gets the opportunity to travel overseas to scout talent with Tom. Tom is NOT happy about this and even acts like he hates January. He hates that he is so attracted to her while dealing with his broken heart over another girl. January can't figure this guy out one minute he is nice to her and the next he acts like he could rip her head off.

"I tossed and turned that night, unable to sleep thinking of the fact that I was going to have to share tight quarters with the minx from Austin, enduring her hellishly beautiful face and her sharp tongue. Why did life have to be so damn complicated for me lately? She was going to make it impossible to concentrate."
She likes him, but he is in love with another girl. He likes her, but he can't get past his trust issues and his broken heart. He tries to keep her at arms length even being mean at times. Can he trust her with his heart? Can he get over his first love and give her a chance? Will she take it?

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