Monday, September 10, 2012

Freebies September 10, 2012

Her Dark Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 1) by Felicity Heaton- An angel trapped in Hell for centuries, Apollyon is tired of guarding the Devil. He longs to break free and feel the wind in his feathers, but he cannot leave the endless darkness without permission from above. When he senses someone calling him, he seizes his chance for freedom, but soon discovers the call came from a beautiful woman he has watched over from Hell, a woman who casts a spell on him and awakens the darkest desires of his heart.

Big Girls Do It Better Book 1 by Jasinda Wilder- Erotic! Gorgeous, rock-star guys like Chase Delany don't go for girls like me. They go for supermodels and actresses, skinny-girls who never eat and spend all day working out. I'm not that girl. So when he locked his fiery brown eyes on me for the first time, I couldn't quite believe it was really happening to me.
It was the second night I spent with him that I'll never forget.

Falling for You (Pearl Island Trilogy) by Julie Ortolon- This one sounds excellent! Blue blooded banker living a perfect life…I bet it gets turned upside down by a woman!!

Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery by Jennifer Hampton- Loving the creepy cover!!

Summons: A Goblin King Prequel by Shona Husk- Every fairy tale has to have some basis in fact, right? That's what Eliza thought as she made a desperate plea to the legendary Goblin King. If he could grant her wish, she'd finally be safe. He would protect her. But what would he ask in return...?

Crimson Kiss by Titania Ladley- erotic vampire romance J

Until You by Sandra Marton- Paris in the spring is a city for lovers, but for Conor O'Neil and Miranda Beckman, the city is a place where the truth is always just out of reach. Miranda's life is in danger, and Conor will do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means not letting her know he's working for the government. For her part, Miranda will do whatever it takes to keep Conor from learning the truth about her past. And yet, the one thing neither can lie about is the passion that blazes between them.

Too Darn Hot by Pamela Burford

Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers) by Elizabeth Reyes- Mature young adult. Looks very good! 17 yr old girl’s life is turned upside down when her mom goes to jail. She is forced to move and then she meets Angel, who strongly believes that guys and girls can never be just friends

A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends #1) by Jayde Scott- OMG! This one looks soooo good!! The moment Amber starts her summer job in Scotland and sets eyes upon Aidan, her fate is sealed. Summoned by an ancient bond, she can never love another. Lost in the woods one night Amber enters Aidan's deadly world when she unknowingly participates in a paranormal race and promptly wins the first prize...a prize worth killing for.

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