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Q&A Time With One Of Our Favorites...Kristen Ashley!

I am not even gonna lie! This just tickles me to death! I feel like I have talked directly with Kristen Ashley (Oh man, now I sound like a freak stalker!).

Ashley and I sat in her kitchen one night while she cooked dinner and came up with these questions. I swear, Kristen gives the funniest answers! Love her, Love her, Love her!!

First off, Ashley and Melissa, thanks for wanting to do an interview! I’m delighted that you asked. I totally dig opportunities to talk about my books and thank you for giving me the chance… so here goes.

1.      What was your favorite series to write? 

As I love all my books and consider (and even call them!) my babies, this is very difficult to answer. The ROCK CHICKS are close to my heart as I started writing that series when I was in England and homesick for my friends and Denver and being in those novels took me home. It is also fun to let my imagination fly with my vampires, werewolves and in my alternate universe in my FANTASYLAND series. There’s something to be said for having the power to make anything happen. It’s very freeing. Though, picking these makes me feel unfaithful to all my others as I adore them too and crazy-enjoyed writing all of them.

2.      Who are your favorite male and female characters? 

I’ve always said that if I could breathe life into one of my characters, it would be Tex from the ROCK CHICKS. He’s hilarious and loyal, a good friend who has your back and would go down before anything could harm you but he always makes you laugh. For the same reason, I’d probably also pick Elvira from my DREAM MAN series.

3.      You write about Indiana, Colorado and England, which one is your favorite? 

They have all served as home to me at one time or another in my life so when I’m writing a book based in one of those places, that’s my favorite. Then I’ll switch it up and go to another one of my “homes” in my books and that’ll be my favorite. I’m fickle that way J.

4.      Who/What inspired your alpha males? 

I grew up around alpha males, my grandfather, uncle, Dad, brother, brother-in-law. I never really saw them as inspiration until I started to get asked this question. However, when you grow up with love, strength, loyalty, thoughtfulness and protection like I did, it just filters into your soul. As I also have a writer’s soul, I then was able to pour it out into my books.

For instance, just last night, I was at a play with my brother, sister and niece. When the audience let out, it was, as usual, a crush and my sister, niece and I got stuck trying to file out. My brother, who’s a big guy, positioned himself in the crush to open up a space and all of us girls filed through. Then, we were on stairs that had no railing and I was in heels. I was walking up the stairs and I felt my brother’s hand on my back, supporting me and telling me without words he was there to steady me. Seconds later, I turned around just in time to catch him offering his arm to an elderly gentleman with a cane who was stuck in this stream of human bodies without any railing to help him up the stairs. Not a single soul in literally hundreds paused to help this gentleman but my brother did. A blonde woman came up to this gentleman’s other side and offered assistance, and, not surprisingly, he picked the pretty lady but my brother also had his back.

It’s little, beautiful gifts like that I can take in and then pour out in my work to give to my readers.

5.      Are any of the Rock Chicks based off of your personality. If so, which one and why? 

Yes, Indy, Jet, Roxie and Ava are all based on me in different times of my life. I’m very much Indy now, a little crazy (okay, a lot crazy), very loyal and determined to keep hold of her inner girl to enjoy the heck out of life. I don’t intend to grow old; I don’t care what my age says. Jet is still very much like me though I’ve learned to power through my shyness (though not around hot guys, alas). Roxie is also like me in how I sometimes dress. Ava, too, was me back in the day as I have struggled with my weight and getting past issues with men being jerks.

6.      What inspired the fashion taste of the Rock Chicks? Do you dress like a particular Rock Chick? 

I love music, food, movies, TV, family and friends. And CLOTHES! I dress like pretty much all the Rock Chicks save Jules (who isn’t really into clothes) and Sadie (who is petite and uber-wealthy and I am not either). It depends on my mood for the day which Rock Chick I’ll be. Right now, I’m wearing an Indy 500 tee and a beat up, short, jeans skirt. Last night, spike heels, a flowy shirt, white jeans and lots of silver. My closet is eclectic and I put that into all my books.

7.      A few of your books include bakeries. Where did this inspiration come from? 

I have three talents. I can write. I can wrap a mean present. And I can cook… but especially bake. Even my baking disasters taste the freaking BOMB! I am a baking idiot savant. If I didn’t write and I didn’t fear gaining 700 pounds, I’d want to open a bakery. Luckily, I can live that dream through Tess in WILD MAN and Mathilda without having to wake up early and frost dozens of cupcakes!

8. We all know your love of music, what is your preferred music method? Vinyl, CD, MP3? 

I listen to MP3, Spotify and now Pandora. I like the shuffle. I like the randomness of Pandora. I like not knowing what might thrill me next or, with Pandora, what I’ll discover. I freaking LOVE it when my readers suggest music to me because I’ve been turned onto a lot of music I might not have heard if I hadn’t had the suggestion. Time is always, for everyone, not on our sides and I don’t have a lot of it but every, single suggestion, I write down and, when I have two seconds to rub together, I go find it and have a listen (and usually head to iTunes to do a download). I have hundreds of CDs but rarely listen to them anymore as I have them all loaded up on my iPod.

Again, girlies, thank you for the opportunity to gab about my books. I totally love it that you enjoy my work! Keep reading, my lovelies, and rock on! xxoo -Kit

Ahhhhggg!!! How spectacular is that! Doesn't it just make you love her Even more! Not only is Kristen and excellent writer, she is also witty, funny and just plain AWESOME!!

So, what was my favorite Q&A? I love the fact that if she could breathe the life into any one of her characters it would be Tex, I LOVE TEX!! Ashley and I see Tex differently than each other, but honestly, if I could mash how I see Tex and how Ashley sees Tex, I know he would be the perfect fit!!

My Tex, because he is huge and cuddly!

How Ashley sees Tex because of his crazy blonde hair

So...what is the most exciting part of this week??? We may possibly be having a giveaway!! We are awaiting to hear back, but if all goes as promised we will be doing a giveaway for a signed copy of Creed!! We promise to keep you posted, we know you are as excited as we are!

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