Sunday, September 30, 2012

Clash (Crash Series) by Nicole Williams

Clash is book 2 in the Crash Series by Nicole Williams and OMG...if you thought your nerves were tore up over the first book (Crash), well you haven't read anything yet! This book had my heart and stomach in so many knots I thought at one point I was going to be sick, but I loved every minute of it!!!

The book starts out with Jude and Lucy both at college. Jude is the star football player at a college 5 hours away from Lucy who is attending Julliard. Their weekdays are spent attending class, dancing (Lucy) and football (Jude), but their weekends are always spent together, Lucy never misses a home football game and Jude never misses a performance. Everything is finally going right for them except their occasional Lucy and Jude arguments, Jude is still his jealous, possessive self and Lucy still has her speak before she thinks attitude. (We witnessed alot of that in Clash) While Jude is at football practice getting ready for his game that night, Lucy is at his place getting ready. Walking out of the bathroom she comes face to face with Adriana Vix, Jude's spirit sister and head cheerleader.

Adriana Vix
Adriana had cleaned Jude's room and decorated it for the game and also washed, dryed and folded all of his clothes. Then she advised Lucy to just give up because Jude was going to be hers!!! (Can you believe that sh*t). Lucy is furious, but Jude assures her that there is nothing to worry about, he loves her and only her, she is the only girl he will ever want! Adriana is not giving up, she will do anything to have him and rub it in Lucy's face. With Lucy and Jude still trying to overcome their pasts (we learned in Crash about these tragic events) and now Adriana in the picture trying to come between them, Lucy questions everything they have together. Can they work together to get past this or will Lucy just give up on everything they have worked so hard to have?



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