Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mystery Man (Dream Man Series) by Kristen Ashley

Ashley and I have been on a MAJOR Kristen Ashley kick. We have read most of her books in the last month. We are HIGHLY addicted to her alpha male characters (are there really men out there like that? lol)

The series that got us addicted to Kristen Ashley was this one, the Dream Man series. It's the first series we read and we went straight into the Rock Chick series after this one. WE LOVE KRISTEN ASHLEY!!

In Mystery Man, Gwendolyn Kidd goes out for drinks one night and meets the man of her dreams (almost literally, lol). He goes home with her and has the best night ever! The next day she wakes up and he is gone. She doesn't even know his name. This is not her style at all and she feels like a total slut.

Her mystery man continues coming back to see her almost every night (how does he get in the house!!). He comes once she is in bed, and leaves before she wakes up. Barely speaking, and always leaving her satisfied. She still doesn't know his name and prefers to keep it that way.

Cabe "Hawk" Delgado

Gwen's sister gets into trouble and here comes Detective Mitch Lawson. This sends her mystery man into a frenzy and she meets him for the first time in the daylight. Gwen learns her mystery man's name is Hawk Delgado. What he does for a living...I still have no freaking clue lol. He is some kind of bad ass, protector, know it all, security, high tech kill em all kind of guy lol.

Mitch decides he wants to take a chance with Gwen and lets her know where he stands. Hawk is not happy and decides to take him claim to Gwen.

This book is awesome. It kept me wanting more and more. I didn't want to put it down. I just HAD to know what Gwen would decide to do. Go with good, clean Detective Lawson, or go for bad boy, sneak in the window at night Hawk Delgado.

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