Monday, September 17, 2012

Knight (The Unfinished Hero Series) by Kristen Ashley

The first book in The Unfinished Hero Series is Knight. This series is completely different from anything Kristen Ashley has written before. It is full of adult erotic romance and as always Kristen does not disappoint. The heroes in this series aren't your likely heroes, they've lived hard lives and overcome unimaginable things. Your heart will break for these characters and you will fall in love with them.

Knight Sebring is an unlikely hero, not everyone would take a look at his life and think there was anything good about him. He is a hard man and what he says goes, he takes crap from no one. Knight owns an exclusive night club and a secret side business. He is fine with his life the way it is, he wants something, he gets it. End of story.

Knight comes home one night to find a party in full swing in his condo, hosted by his brother, Nick who has been living with him and working for him. He is furious about the party but half expected it because that was Nick, not caring about anything or anyone but himself. What Knight didn't expect was to find the sweet and beautiful Anya Gage in his bedroom asking to use his phone so she can find a ride home. He realizes that she is not the kind of woman that belongs at that party, she is different. 
Anya Gage has grown up not expecting anything from anyone. She learned a long time ago that if you want something you have to earn it yourself. She works full time to put herself thru school so that one day she can have her own business. Knight knows that he should leave Anya alone to have a happy life, a normal, clean, happy life. He knows he shouldn't bring her into his world but someone has to look after her to make sure she gets everything she deserves and he wants to be that man. The closer they get the more worried he is that she won't be able to accept his lifestyle, one he is not willing to change and the things from his past. He is afraid that he will lose her to the normal, clean, happy life.

Can Anya deal with his past, his lifestyle and his secret job? Can she leave behind the normal and clean lifestyle for him?

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