Thursday, September 13, 2012

HELLER by JD Nixon

OMG, I LOVE HELLER!!! I want my very on Heller! This series is definitely one of my favorites and I will be reading more from the talented JD Nixon.

Matilda "Tilly" Chalmers is a struggling 25 year old actress who lives with her best friend Dixie and two geeky college guys in a run down apartment. Her acting career is struggling so much that it's non existent and she is so desperate for rent money that she answers an ad for a surveillance and security business looking for a client manager. She embellishes on her resume and arrives at the interview only to get stuck in an elevator, get accidentally kicked in the face, outfit ruined and shattered glass sprayed all over her. Going through all of that she still has to be interviewed by the most handsome man she has ever seen. Heller.

"He was the most astoundingly beautiful human being I had ever set eyes on in my whole entire life. He was more beautiful than an entire host of heavenly angels, more beautiful than the progeny of the most beautiful gods who had ever reproduced. he was simply drop-dead deliciously divine. My eyes goggled and my pulse quickened. My mouth dried up. I had to urgently press my lips together to stop my tongue from lolling. I had just met Heller."

After the craziest interview of all time, she is offered the job on a trial basis. Heller insists that she moves into the building with him and a few of his other staff members which include, a goth boy, a shy young man with a scar down the side of his face and twin bodyguards. She absolutely loves her job but her new sexy boss is very secretive and hard to figure out and her first couple of assignments don't go as planned. (trouble follows her everywhere) While fighting her attraction to Heller and trying to stay out of trouble she has to decide if this is the job for her or will she try her hand at acting again.

The very sexy Alexander Skarsgard is my Heller

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