Friday, September 21, 2012

Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley

The Gamble (Book 1) Although I love all Kristen Ashley books this series is by far my favorite!!
 Nina Sheridan left England and flew half way around the world to take a time out from her clueless fiance in the Colorado Mountains. She arrives at the cabin she rented in the middle of a snow storm while fighting the beginnings of major sinus issues only to come face to face with the very handsome owner of the cabin. Holden "Max" Maxwell.
 Max is not happy about the mistake the care taker made when he rented out his house while Max was scheduled to be home. He tells Nina that she has to leave. Nina is furious, she has paid to stay in this cabin during her "time out" and she doesn't feel good and now she has to fight the storm to get down the mountain. After a not so nice confrontation with Max she gets in her car and leaves only to end up in a ditch. There is no one else on the road and its snowing so bad she can't get out to find help, giving up she falls asleep in the back seat only to wake up in a warm bed, Max's bed. She is so sick she can't even hold her head up. Max takes care of her and nurses her back to health and decides that he wants her to stay the rest of her vacation with him at the cabin.

Nina is so confused, she took this trip to sort out her feelings for her fiance, who by the way didn't even call to make sure she arrived safely to the cabin, but she is having a hard time fighting her feelings for Max. The more time she spends with him the more she realizes that her relationship with her fiance isn't quite right. While she is making a life altering decision she is caught up in the murder of Max's ex-friend, who is hated by everyone in town, giving them all motive to kill him, especially Max seeing as how they hated each other.

Sweet Dreams (Book 2) my favorite Kristen Ashley book of all time. Tatum "Tate" Jackson (*sigh* I love him!!) is a bounty hunter slash part bar owner. He has had a rough life, seems like bad luck at every turn. So when he showed up at the bar for work one day and the recently hired Lauren Grahame is there in her fancy clothes he is not happy. Mistaking her for a goody two shoes he insults her, gives her dirty looks. Lauren has recently divorced her lying, cheating husband and has set out to find a nowhere town in nowheresville to live the rest of her life. Giving up on her dream that something special will happen to her, she leaves everything behind and gets a job at a biker bar, where she meets the infamous and extremely handsome Tate Jackson. After Tate makes his disgust well known she decides that she wants nothing to with him. They are always at each others throats, showing Tate that Lauren is not what he thought, he quickly changes his mind and decides that he wants her for himself. As he tries to make his way into her heart, they are faced with a serial killer, Laurie's ex husband who has tracked her down to lay claim to her and secrets from Tate's past that surface at every turn, not to mention Tate's ex best friend who wants Laurie for himself.

Lady Luck (Book 3) Tyrell "Ty" Walker was wronged by the town he grew up in, he was framed for a murder he didn't commit and once he is realised from his 5 year prison sentence he will have revenge. He just didn't expect to walk out to the beautiful goofy Lexie Berry. Lexie has had nothing but bad luck her whole life so she wasn't surprised that she was forced as a "favor" to pick up some guy from prison, or that she would have to marry him to help maintain his cover.  Both quickly realize there is something real between them, but Ty can't get past his demons and refuses to bring them into Lexie's world. Lexie learns what was done to Ty and is determined to help him get justice and give him back the time he lost, but they are both up against dirty cops that will do anything to keep the truth from coming out.

Breathe (Book 4). Chace Keaton is a good man and a good cop who got caught up in trying to protect his father, a man he despises. In doing this he was forced to marry a woman that he can't stand to look at, a woman who ends up murdered. The town thinks of Chace as a hero, but he knows different. He has given up everything he ever wanted, a nice home and family with the perfect woman...the town's librarian, Faye Goodknight.
Faye Goodknight has been in love with Chace Keaton since he first moved to town. Being the shy person that she is she never approached him, then she missed her chance when he got married. Like the rest of the town she thought it was strange he married a woman everyone knew he didn't like.Then she is forced to deal with Chace when a little boy shows up at the library beaten almost to death, then runs away when she tries to approach him. Together they form a plan to try to help this little boy that forces them to work together and fight their growing feelings for each other. Chace doesn't want to dirty Faye with all his baggage but he can't fight the pull he feels toward her. Faye has to try and convince Chace that he really is the hero the town believes him to be.

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