Sunday, September 16, 2012

Law Man by Kristen Ashley (Dream Man Series #3)

Ahhhh!! Law Man….sooooo my favorite of this series (Well, Until I read Motorcycle Man, lol)

I love how the characters of the series are slowly introduced to us in the books before, and how they continue in the books after. At least we get to find out everything that happens with them and get a full picture of what’s going on. It’s like we really get to know them.

Mitch Lawson is one of the sweetest guys ever! He lives across the hall from the beautiful, but very low self- esteemed Mara. Mara had a horrible upbringing. Her mother and aunt were not very good role models, always having different men home, doing drugs and drinking all the time. She came up with a sort of caste system of grading beautiful people and ugly people. She always thought herself a 2.5 (when she was really and 10). She was in love with Mitch from the moment she met him in the hall, but always avoided him because he was a 10 and 2.5 and 10's didn't belong together.

Okay, so I know Paul Walker was my Brock, but know this Paul Walker looks different and he is the perfect Mitch!

Or, he can be our Mitch :)
The only thing Mara keeps from her past that she tries so hard to run away from is her cousin Bill. She mainly keeps Bill around because of his kids Billy and Billie (ha!) Mara has Mitch come over to help with her sink. While he is there she gets a call that Billy and Billie are in trouble. Mitch insists on going with her since he is a law man after all, lol, and comes to find out the Bill is the WORST kind of parent ever.

Mara is now attempting to raise Billy and Billie, Bill hates her and Mitch must find a way to convince her that she is a super catch of a woman. She is sweet, kind hearted and beautiful. Knowing that she comes from trailer park trash, she knows that she can never been with we all know that our Kristen Ashley alpha males do NOT take no for an answer. So what will Mitch have to go through to be with Mara?

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