Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For You (The 'Burg Series) by Kristen Ashley

For You is the first book in The 'Burg Series by Kristen Ashley. This series has suspense, crime, action, romance and sexy badass alpha males along with their sassy smart mouthed females. I'm not normally a fan of murder mysteries but I am a huge Kristen Ashley fan so I took a chance on this series and she did not disappoint. I couldn't put this book down as with the other books in this series after the first page I was hooked.

Alexander Colton and February Owens have always been in each others lives. Colt and Feb's brother, Murray are best friends, Colt practically lived at her house. So when they finally became high school sweet hearts nobody was suprised. It was always Colt and Feb, they were made for each other. One day out of the blue, Feb breaks Colt's heart, she leaves him and runs wild. Leaving town and staying gone.

Fifteen years later, Feb returns back to the Burg to help with the family bar so her parents can retire. Feb and Colt pretty much avoid each other like the plague, they have both moved on with their lives (At least that's what they tell themselves). This method works until dead bodies start showing up and somehow they are all tied to Feb. Colt being a lieutenant is now on the case to keep Feb's name clear and keep her safe.

There is a mad man on the loose who is obssesed with Feb. Everyone that has anything to do with her is a possible target. Feb insists that she is fine, but Colt doesn't want her out of his sight. As they are forced together old feelings return to the surface and they are forced to face their past.

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