Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crash Series by Nicole Williams Reading Order

We just found out this weekend that there will be a a 3rd book in the Crash series...with that good news the reading order MUST be put up.... because we all need a little more Jude in our life, right?

  • Crash
  • Clash
  • Crush- The third book is entitled CRUSH and will be coming soon to your e-readers and bookstores everywhere. This story is going to pick up where CLASH left off and is going to be even steamier and the stakes are going to be higher than ever. To everyone who begged and pleaded with me to write another chapter in Jude and Lucy's story, you got your wish!

More good news from Nicole's recent blog post:

Well, HarperCollins has picked up the series and and will be releasing both CRASH and CLASH in paperback on December 18th! That's right, you'll be able to head to your local bookstore and pick up a paperback'd Jude Ryder in two months time. Excuse me one second while I go scream . . .


and......check out the shiny new covers (Per Nicole Williams, of course, lol)

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  1. I considered buying this one for my Nook because it was on sale, but I didn't. For some reason I just don't feel the spark. It sounds like a cute book but also light and fluffy. Thanks for letting me know it's an easy read. I may give it a shot sometime down the road.

    Cleo Rogers (Puyallup Plumbing)