Monday, October 15, 2012

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

Ahhh to be 19 again and in college, oh how I wish lol. Thanks to Chelsea Cameron, I got to live vicariously through these characters. She wrote an amazing story and I fell in love with Taylor and Hunter and their story. I didn't want this book to end, but as I always do when I have a really good book....I read it in one sitting then regret reading it so fast when it's over!!!

Taylor Caldwell is starting her sophomore year in college and decided to room with two of her best friends. Since the co-ed room houses four people they are unsure of who their new roommate will be. Boy are they surprised when they open the door to find the blue eyed sex on a stick, Hunter Zaccadelli standing there with his bags and guitar saying he is their new roommate. Taylor is furious, this means that he has to share her room, with her, for the whole year!!

Taylor instantly dislikes Hunter, he is so cocky and sure of himself, she just wants to punch that smirk off his face. He gets all in her space and pushes all of her buttons. They make a bet: If she can prove that she truly hates him or truly loves him then her will pack his bags and go. The problem with that is, she maybe sort of likes him a little bit, even though she fights it with everything in her, because he is a tattooed, guitar playing bad boy who will just crush her in the end. Then there is the issue of the secret from her past that no one knows except her family, a secret that keeps her guarded from everyone, but Hunter has his own secrets and he is not sharing. Taylor is determined to find out what he is hiding from her and will stop at nothing to get it out of him.

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