Monday, October 8, 2012

Saving Grace (Mad World #2) by Christine Zolendz

Saving Grace

What a great way to spend my Columbus Day off work! I finished Saving Grace in one sitting and I just gotta say, I AM IMPRESSED! It was everything I hoped it would be! I only stopped for pee breaks and a moment to text Ashley while reading:

Me: I'm almost finished with Saving Grace. I love it!
The new, bad ass Grace
Ashley: Eeeek! Is it as good as the first one?
Me: I think it's better, Grace is a bad ass!!
Ashley: HELL YEAH!!

In book one I pictured Grace as a sweet faced girl that was hiding the demons she was fighting behind her silver eyes....something happened in book 2. I now see Grace as a BAD ASS sexy beast! I kind of went back and forth on my versions of Grace. One minute I saw the new Grace, the next I was back on my old Grace (WHY must you play with my emotions Christine!!). Shane remained the same sexy, sultry (some may say man whore, lol) rock god that we remember in book 1.

My original, sweet Grace

Saving Grace picks up where Fall From Grace left off; Grace is still in a coma and stuck somewhere in between. She wants nothing more than to come out of the coma and go back to her life as Grace. She had no idea that Shane was her Shamsiel all along. She just needs to go back to him...then she starts thinking....wait? I waited 2000 years for this guy and now he gets with any walking vagina trying to erase my memory...SHE IS PISSED!

Even though Grace is upset with all that has gone on, she still wants to get back to her body...well Grace's body, but there is just one thing...


Oh, and let's not forget that there seems to be a gang of idiotic, fallen angels after me.

The archangel, Gabriel, wants Grace all to himself. He can't seem to understand when Grace says no, she means NO!

"Choose me and we will take over the heavens together. Choose me or I will break you until you do", he whispered. I laughed. "Never, I will never choose you. I'll be his until the end."

So, if you read the chapters listed for the book you will see that the epilogue is labeled Happy- Epilogue- After (I am so grateful for that! Sometimes I feel like I will have an anxiety attack getting to the least with this, I didn't have too many worries, lol). Everything to get to the Happy-Epilogue-After is SO worth it. Grace transformed into this motorcycle ridding, guitar playing bad ass. The entire band finds out one of her secrets and she can never live it down. Lea is constantly on her case to just BE WITH SHANE ALREADY! And, Shane gets into to more than enough tiffs with people forcing them to stay away from what is his, even though she won't have anything to do with him.....well not much to do with him anyway....ohh the tension! I love, love loved it! I cannot wait to read more from Christin Zolendz, she is somehow sneaking into my top 10 with her fansofuckingtastic self!

Christine is working on Shane's POV. Are you as excited as I am!! EEEKKK!!! She says it should be published soon, she kept her word on getting Saving Grace to us soon, so I have faith that she will keep her word on Shane's POV.

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  1. I effing LOVE you Melissa Hardy! You rock! XOXOXO
    I am so happy you liked the book!

  2. bows down, lol...and I effing love you! XOXO