Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Fox (Experiment in Terror #2) by Karina Halle

I can say at this point I am uber obsessed with this series! I have to stop myself from reading so far ahead and come back to blog so I can keep a clean mind and not blur the lines between the books….it’s so hard to do! I mean really, all I am thinking about right now is getting back to book 3 to find out what is happening to Perry and Dex on the island…..(what you say??? Yes, they are ALONE on an entire island!!)…but to get to that I have to get this review posted 1st! so here we go!!

So far the series is pretty creepy, but we love that right? As far as I can tell the creepiness continues (I am on book 3, and there is a 2.5 between 2 and 3….awesome right!?) Along with the creepiness we get to continue with the tension between Dex and Perry. We also get to learn some of Dex’s past and see into Perry’s mind…oh and let’s not forget that her parents still think she is working at the advertising agency, so that’s pretty fun with her fake working everyday.

Sooooo, what could go wrong? Perry and Dex doing a little ghost hunting, they are forced to play husband and wife for this new adventure; they even have to sleep in the same bed. Sounds perfect, right? WRONG!! Jenn is still in the picture…and Perry still hates her, even though she doesn’t really know her…it’s kind of sick and twisted (jealous much? lol) if you think about it, lol….

I think Jennifer got under my skin because she represented everything that I wasn’t. She was a successful host. She was tall, thin, gorgeous, and exuded this glowing sexuality that I couldn’t possibly fake in a million years. I had the feeling she was one of this types who never had ago work a day in their life and people were always bending over just to wipe her ass. She probably shit gold, too.

She embodied everything I hated and everything I wasn’t – yet in the back of my mind, she was something I strived to be. How sick was that?

 ….so PLAY husband and wife is all they will be doing……but something does happen, something spectacular that Perry is still talking about in book 3!!! (not gonna tell ya!!)

I finally found my Perry!
In book 2 Perry and Dex take on a new adventure for the newest episode of EIT. Maximus, Dex’s old college friend and ex-band mate (makes me love him more!!! He was in a band!!!) contacts him to come to a ranch in New Mexico that is experiencing some pretty wicked stuff, animals be ripped apart, rocks flying at the house when no one is throwing them.... The family they are going to be staying with are  devout Christians (and the wife is a bit CRAZY)…..hence why Dex and Perry pretend to be married….tehehehe.

We get to see more of Dex's feelings for Perry. I won't say that he is in love with her, but you can tell he definitely cares for her. He tells her over and over that he will protect her from anything (ahg how sweet!!)

You will not have a moment to be bored with this one. There are so many strange occurrences going on, the sexual tensions with Perry and Dex, the hidden feelings that I think are there, Jenn still in the background and this new guy, Maximus…seems to me like he has the hots for Perry and I don’t think Dex likes it one bit!

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