Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror #3) by Karina Halle

So far, my favorite book of the series. I still can’t grasp exactly what it is that is luring me to these books. I am just so hooked! Why haven’t I read them before now, I read the first one months ago and could really beat myself in the head for not reading the rest of the series sooner.

I was so excited when I started book 3 and found out that Perry and Dex would have to spend a few days on a deserted island ALONE! Perry is of course still secretly in love with Dex and she hates herself for it.

I loathed this stupid school girl crush of mine

But really, how horrible can it be? Staying on an island, alone, in the middle of now where with hardly any communication to the outside world with the man that you love….well there is still Jenn in the picture (stupid, stupid Jenn! Just get killed off like in a soap opera or something! Lol)
Oh, and Jenn is really not happy with Dex and Perry going on this little expedition

I was getting the distinct impression that Jenn was a touchy subject this weekend, though I wasn’t sure why. Maybe they had a fight or something. I can’t say that didn’t tickle the back of my head in a delightful way.

Not to mention that Dex remains his witty self about the whole situation

No, I mean, are you worried about being with me,” he said, straightening and flicking the cigarette overboard, ever though there was a cigarette disposal unit behind us. “On the island. Alone. With me.”

Before the duo depart to the island Dex invites Perry to come up a day early so they can spend time together, I mean hey, that’s what friends do right? They hang out…. So Dex and Perry go to a hockey game, Dex is very distant and then receives a phone call, from who? We don’t know until later….but after the call he is REALLY distant and won’t tell Perry anything about the call. How does he cope with his feelings? He decides they need to go to a strip club! A strip club! Really, Dex? (tehehe)

So, the next day after getting a boat from Dex’s friend they head to the island (I will repeat, ALONE). The island is full of sticky situations (hehehe, really, once you read you will know what I’m talking about…). From heartfelt moments & intense conversations to full fledge screaming at the top of your lungs and beating Dex in the face during some kind of temper tantrum (the island is really messing with their heads).  

Oh, and let’s not forget that this book FREAKED ME OUT! Did I mention the island they are staying on used to be a leper colony! I mean really! 100’s of people died on this island and campers have talked about hearing things at night, no one goes to the island anymore because there seems to always be something that goes wrong to prevent you from leaving the island—oh and Perry keeps seeing ghosts kids….(ahhh freaky!!)

OH! And there are 2 HUGE freak out moments in the book! Well, maybe more than 2....but definitely at least 2 freak out moments for me! I can’t wait for someone else to read it! I know your gonna love it, and really I need to have a few discussions about this one. I neeeeedddd someone to talk to after this!!

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