Monday, October 1, 2012

Walking Disaster Teaser Info

HUGE news for Beautiful Disaster fans......

In the coming weeks, ATRIA is going to do something very special for BEAUTIFUL DISASTER fans! They will offer a series of FAN CHALLENGES, so that you can come together and get these things you've been asking for! The first challenge starts TODAY!

If we can get my FB page to 13,000 Likes by Thursday, ATRIA will release WALKING DISASTER's prologue. Not just a teaser, folks! The entire prologue! By the last word, you will know this is not simply a repeat of BD. WD is packed full of new material! So share this status! Tell your friends! Tweet!

Ready, set, go!
So guys, do all you can to bring her likes up to 13,000 right now at this moment she at 11,296. So tell everyone you know to help us out!!!

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