Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taming the Vampire: A Paranormal Romance Novella (Blood and Absinthe, Book 1) by Chloe Hart

Taming the Vampire was an AWESOME, short, fast read! I read it in about 45 minutes. I can’t wait to start book 2 of this series.
Liz is a member of the Green Fae clan. She is only about 1/16 fae, her bloodline is diluted by humans. She feels that she has a disadvantage among the other fae of her clan. Not only is she part fae, but she is also a warrior demon hunter.
Jack Morgan is one of the local vampires. Liz can’t stand him, she pretty much hates all vampires (so of course she is secretly in love with him, lol).
If Jack ever found out she was attracted to him, her life wouldn’t be worth living

So, as a warrior it is Liz’s duty to protect. Being as she doesn’t have much fae in her she has to train extra hard, take herbal supplements and has recently found out from her best friend Celia another way she can vamp (hehe) up her strength.
“Have you lost your mind?” Celia was grinning at her. “I’m telling you, it’s all right here. A sure-fire way to increase your power for one night. All you have to do is”---  “Don’t say it!” “---sleep with a vampire.” Liz glared at her. “You’re joking.”
So much for her hatred for Jack….. “ I’ll never be desperate enough to beg Jack Morgan to sleep with me. Not even to save the world. Especially since he’d just turn me down, which would be very, very bad for my ego.”


While Liz contemplates how she will make this proposition to Jack he is thinking to himself what a vampire-hating bitch she is, hehehe.
While Liz is out trying to fight the newest creature in the city she is wounded. Since she was already on her way to talk to Jack she decides that she will ask him for help in dressing her wound.
“Only you would be stupid enough to come to a vampire with an open wound”……
“There is something I’ve got to talk to you about when we’re finished with this”
O0o0o0, sooooo how embarrassing would it be to ask someone for sex that you hate, and you know they hate you just as much!?
Liz painfully explains to Jack about the “ritual” She lets him know it consists of chants and herbs…..(can she say it!)
“And then…” her fingernails bit into her pals as she wlled herself to continue. She felt like she was choking. “…if we have sex…” Okay, it was out, no taking it back now.
So, how does Jack take the proposition to have sex with someone he hates (yet secretly also likes…) You better get to reading. This book is currently free so you have no excuse not to get it! I’m telling you I loved it and I’m off to read the 2nd book now J

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