Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful Disaster Series by Jamie McGuire Reading Order

Ashley's favorite of all time! She has read it at least 3 times that I know of and probably more that she isn't telling me, lol. One of my favorites too. This was my first book love when I got my Kindle, and held the top ranking spot (even through Fifty!) until I came across my Kellan Kyle. I know Ashley was happy when I found Kellan, now she doesn't have to share Travis (YES! WE KNOW THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!...Don't lie, we know you do it too, lol). Okay, okay, back on track. Here is the reading order for the book that stole our hearts:

Jamie McGuire says: “Trust me, you WANT to pre-order WD’s paperback/eBook! I will tell you later why! Run! Don’t walk!”

There is also talk of more to come in the series:
  • Possibly a third book (Trent’s)
  • then Thomas
  • Taylor and Tyler tied for third
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