Friday, October 12, 2012

Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror #1) by Karina Halle

This was a freebie I picked up a while back. I read it several months ago and wasn’t blogging then so there was no need for a review, lol. I have recently started on reading the rest of the series (wonderful series if I might add!) and figured I can’t start with reviews on number 2 without reviewing book 1 first!

This book is still free, so you have no excuse to not get it and try it out! I am soooo hooked on this series! I read books 2 and 2.5 (which is free also!) last night, I can’t seem to get enough Perry and Dex. I swear, I want to be just like them!

Some will say this is a spooky series, and I’m sure it is to the normal person, but I am a complete weirdo so I just LOVE it! Along with the spookiness of the series, you also have MAJOR sexual tension between Perry and Dex. Perry thinks she has a weight problem (which she does not!) She was heavy in high school and has sense lost a  lot of weight but still feels like a big girl. Dex is just…well he is Dex. He is witty and sarcastic and can have a sharp tongue. He also doesn’t really know how to open up about his thoughts and feelings. So the combinations of them both being attractive, along with Perry’s messed up self image and Dex’s problems opening up causes serious issues between the two (Oh, and let’s not forget Dex’s obnoxious, annoying, infuriating personality!).

Normally, Zac Efron is too clean for me,
 but this picture of him is SO my Dex,
I am still searching for Perry.
So, on to the storyline (side note, I am seriously in love with Dex, despite his issues, lol). Perry, our heroine is a metal head (ahhhh! Love it!) She wears black clothing, is into the indie scene and listens to metal. She is far from bright and bubbly like her younger sister. While her family is visiting her uncle she decides to explore and old lighthouse. She is way creeped out by it, but can’t help but be drawn to it at the same time. This is where she meets Dex. He decided to break into the lighthouse to do some filming, hoping to catch something paranormal for his internet TV show.

Perry and Dex definitely experience some spooky shit while in the lighthouse. Perry catches clips on her phone, and Dex gets some pretty raw footage too. Over the next few days Perry blogs about her lighthouse experience and gets loads of hits when she loads her footage on Youtube. Dex gets up with Perry to ask her to work with him on the new internet series he has decided to start. Perry jumps at the adventure (she is super tired of her boring, receptionist job and needs something to fulfill her life).

So the adventure starts. Perry and Dex return to her uncles house so they can begin filming for the new paranormal show (This show blows Ghost Hunters out of the water!....well, if EIT was a real show it would, lol). They encounter butt loads of creepy stuff and build a friendship that is full of secrets and mystery. Not to mention the attraction they have for each other, but remember the friendship is built on secrets so of course they won’t admit anything to one another!

So, anyone that reads my reviews knows I NEVER post this much! So, obviously I am seriously addicted to this series! What is happening to me! I don’t need anymore addictions!!

Review of book #2 and #2.5 to come later today, I HAVE to start book 3 RIGHT NOW!

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