Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

Okay, so who loves a Hot, Tattooed, Bad Boy, ROCKSTAR??? I know, stupid question right, everybody loves it. Well this book is all about said Bad Boy Rockstar and his best friend/love interest and their struggle to reconnect. I loved this book!! I wanted to rip Jake out of the pages and keep him for myself ;)

Tru Bennett and Jake Wethers were best friends and next door neighbors for the first 14 years of their lives. When Jake's mom re-married they moved from England to the United States and Jake and Tru eventually lost touch. Twelve years later, Jake is the lead singer for The Mighty Storm, the biggest rock band in the world and Tru, who is now a music journalist is sent to interview him.
Tru Bennett
Tru is a nervous wreck, will he remember her, will he even want to see her, he was the one who lost touch with her. She walks into the room and it's instant, he knows her and is happy to see her, so happy that he offers her the job of writing his biography so that she can go on tour with him and the band for a couple of weeks. The only problem is Will, her boyfriend of two years. He is not happy that she will be alone with the band for weeks or the fact that she is so close to Jake, but it's the opportunity of a lifetime and he agrees to let her go, knowing she would just go anyway. 
Jake Wethers
Jake wants to prove to Tru that she is everything to him and he wants her to stay in his life as his best friend and his girl and he will do whatever it takes to win her heart. Tru is so confused, she loves Will but her heart has always belonged to Jake. What's a girl suppose to do? There is Will, who is sweet and loving and trusting and has been there for her for two years. Then, there is Jake, a ROCKSTAR, who has a reputation of a womanizer, and history of drug and alcohol abuse, but he is also her best friend and she has loved him her whole life. Neither one is willing to let her go. Lucky Girl!!

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  1. Just so good, love the characters. Jake and Trudy are meant for each other. They just need to get out of their own way. Can't wait for the second book.

    Charmaine Smith (Hummer Parts)