Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What to Read After Experiment in Terror

This is going to be a MAJOR work in progress, but I wanted to go ahead and get it up (to make myself feel better, lol) and add to it as I go along and find books that will meet my need for more Experiment in Terror (ah hem....Dex, lol)

Nothing has EVER put me in a book funk as badly as EIT, and I have read A LOT of books! I have been addicted to A LOT of books, but nothing EVER like this! This series has consumed me! I'm pretty sure that I think about it at least once a day (psycho right? I know)!! I am always on the prowl now for something that is going to give me that EIT feel...that bond that I had with Dex and Perry....that need that I had for MORE DEX! It's hard to explain..... if you are not an EIT junkie, then you have no IDEA what I am going through, lol.

I have asked friends, authors and other bloggers for advice on what to read after EIT, no one can give me anything!! We all agree that there is NOTHING. So, if you are in a funk like me and have found something PLEASE, PLEASE share!

Right now I only have one book to add (like I said, the list is SLIM), so it's not really so much as list as it is a work in progress, but let's get this going so maybe, just maybe, the book fairies will look down on us and help us out, lol.


I loved this book. I won't say that it is like EIT, but I would recommend this as a good book to read after EIT. We get that crazy (literally) feeling from this book, and get to go back and forth learning about the characters and what happened to put them in the state of mind they are in now. It will totally mind fuck you. It reminded me a lot of American Horror Story Asylum. I'm still missing the close connection I had with Dex and Perry, but loved the creepy asylum aspect of the story. I haven't started book 2 yet, but I'm sure it will be added to the list once I read it.

Update 02/10/13
I am still constantly searching for the perfect books to go on this list.....I have not been successful, lol. After talking with some of my friends in The Thin Veil Group on facebook, I have a load of suggestions to add. I have not read any of them yet, but they are very high on my TBR list. I need another fix soon, Dex will be the death of me, lol.

We have a suggestion for The Fever Series by Karen Moning

Barbara says: The other two series I love as much as EIT arr Fever and Kate Daniels. I do love.lots of books and series and Im in love with soooo many fictional caracthers. But EIT, Fever and Kate Daniels are the.ones I really really need and adore!

Amber says: I am super obsessed with the fever series by Karen Monin. Mac & Barrons......Sawoon

Nina says: You should read it but don't give up if you end up not liking the first book that much. It gets really good starting with book 2.

...The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones

Kayla says Well if you want hot flashes and damp panties Charlie Davidson all the way lmao but Daemon is one hot slice of alien

Barbara says: OMG How could I forget Charlie!!!!??? That series is great!

Tami says: The Charley Davidson books are awesome!

...The Mara Dyer Series by Michelle Hodkin

Nicole says: I like the Mara Dyer series too.. The characters are younger but the story is good!

...Love me with Lies Series by Tarryn Fisher
I have read this, and I can soooo agree to add it to the list! The mystery behind the story, ahh, perfect.

 Robin says: Love me with lies series by Tarryn fisher butttttt EIT still top out at #1

...The Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout

Kayla says: Lux is young adult so it's not as steamy but I like that one a little bit more

...The Covenant Series by Jennifer Armentrout

Megan says: The Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout is amazing!! Alex, Aiden & Seth. LOVE!!

Kayla was undecided with her suggestion, lol: If u want super epic love read the bronze horseman series. If u want paranormal I love the Lux series by Jennifer l. Armentrout or fever series or Charlie Davidson series

Megan also suggestsed: Also, have you read Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark? Those books are guaranteed to cause permanent brain damage!!

So now I have many, many books that I need to read. I promise to test each one and if I think they should officially be on the list, I will get them added!

Update 04/22/13
My newest obsession......The Downside Series by Stacia Kane!! Ahh! I just love it! It is Urban Fantasy at it's finest and totally worthy of being on this list! I am still working on the series. So far I have finished books 1-4 with 2 novellas and short story found on Stacia's website. I am HOOKED!
You know how we all love Dex.... right? And we love the spookiness of EIT? This series gives that back to us. The guy, Terrible, isn't like Dex, but I still swoon for him just the same. And the heroine, Chess, nothing like Perry at all. She is a drugged out, pill popping Churchwitch, that will kick anyone's ass! The series is filled with ghosts and magic with a very slow building romance just like the one between Perry and Dex. Not to mention it is filled with lies and betrayal along with some pretty heartbreaking, gut wrenching scenes and an interesting love triangle. Seriously, if you love EIT like I do, DO NOT pass this series up!! You can find the reading order here.

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